Samantha Bee Criticizes Media’s Lack of Coverage on Trump Accuser E. Jean Carroll

After Samantha Bee graciously thanked the audience for tuning into Wednesday’s Full Frontal instead of the 2020 Democratic primary debate, the comedian dove into the latest rape allegation against President Trump — his 22nd time being accused of sexual misconduct.

“If I had a dollar for every person Trump allegedly sexually harassed or assaulted, I would be doing better than any of his businesses,” Bee cracked. “Janet Jackson’s career ended because her breast sexually harassed one man’s hand. Trump gets 21 do-overs and counting?”

After examining E. Jean Carroll’s new memoir excerpt — in which she accused President Trump of raping her in a dressing room in the Nineties — Bee blasted the many media outlets that didn’t cover the news. “Now, if you missed this story, that’s not surprising,” she said. “It didn’t make the front page of the Saturday New York Times, Wall Street Journal, L.A. Times or Chicago Tribune.”

The comedian noted that Lawrence O’Donnell was the only journalist to interview Carroll the day the news broke — after showing a hilarious clip of him on set repeatedly demanding to “stop the hammering!” “Aw, there’s the guy you want creating a safe space to talk about your rape,” she quipped.

Although the media has covered the news in the week following the allegation, Bee asserted that it still isn’t getting the “wall-to-wall coverage” it truly deserves. Trump’s horrific response to the allegation — “she’s not my type” — should be making headlines alone. “Don’t say you have a rape type!” Bee said. “You aren’t her type either, which is the whole fucking problem.”

Bee claimed that journalists who do not mention Trump’s 22 accusers are simply failing to do their job. “I’m sorry that the media is tired of talking about how the president did sexual assault a bunch, but imagine how tired women are of having a sexual assaulter for president,” she said. The comedian insisted that Trump needs to be confronted in interviews. “You wouldn’t interview Jeffrey Dahmer and only ask him about spice blends. If you’re not gonna hold Trump accountable, you are not a journalist.”

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