Scarlett Moffatt shows fans her 'chunky belly' saying she's eaten nothing but Miniature Heroes and Cadbury's Roses

SCARLETT Moffatt has told fans she "likes her chunky belly" before admitting she mostly ate chocolate yesterday.

Scarlett, 30, confessed to eating a diet almost solely of Miniature Heroes and Cadbury's Roses while relaxing in her dressing gown.

The former Gogglebox star joked: "All I've really eaten today is Miniature Heroes and Roses.

"But I have been eating the strawberry Roses and the orange ones, so I have been getting my five-a-day."

Earlier in the day, which Scarlett dubbed as 'The Boxing Day of Boxing Day', she told her two million Instagram followers that she has been eating nonstop.

The star said: "I'm tell you one thing I'm actually looking forward to – not eating as much.

"And I never thought I'd say that, but I don't know if it's because of lockdown or whatever it is, but I just feel like all I've done is eat."

Scarlett gave fans a glimpse of her neck, as she squashed her head backwards to create the appearance of a double chin.

"Look at this. I don't mind, I quite like it," she admitted. "It looks like my neck is always smiling. But I am actually looking forward to a detox just so my body feels like I actually love it."

However, Scarlett later felt the need to clarify exactly what she meant by 'detox', after being inundated with messages asking which plan she was going to follow.

Scarlett mused: "By detox, I don't mean detox. I mean I will be reintroducing fruit and vegetables into my balanced diet.

"Instead of chocolate raisins, I will just be opting for the raisins. Please don't think I'm going to drink smoothies and that. No, that's not how I roll."

She then panned the camera down to her tummy and laughed: "That's not how this rolls! I like my chunky belly thank you very much. Rolls do you get it?!"

Scarlett wasted no time in beginning her 'detox', as by the evening she had cooked up a vegetable paella.

"I'm currently still in the dressing gown and am making something with vegetables!" she proudly revealed.

Scarlett's weight has yo-yoed over the years.

But in 2017, she plummeted from 11st 5lbs to 8st and swapped a dress size 18 for an 8. Scarlett had followed a strict 700-calorie-a-day diet to achieve the loss for a fitness DVD.

Earlier this year, she admitted on Frankie Bridge's Open Mind Podcast that she wanted to put on weight after the DVD was released because the diet was "detrimental" to her mental health.

She also slammed the extreme diet DVD as the "worst thing I've ever done" and wanted to "stop people buying it".

Scarlett said: "I sort of rebelled against the DVD because I just didn't like how it happened and I just wasn't for it anymore.

"I purposefully started putting weight on. I was sort of like, 'If I get big again it can't get brought up'. I can't have this stigma attached to me about this DVD and people will stop buying it."

Meanwhile, on Saturday, Scarlett shared a throwback photo of herself as she tried on a black swimsuit.

Scarlett posted the snap in response to a request to see a picture taken 'when people didn't know she was at her lowest'.

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