SEAL Team: Jason Hayes was to be played by different actor before Boreanaz role – here’s w

SEAL Team: CBS teases season finale of show

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CBS’s action-packed series follows the lives of the United State’s most elite unit as they risk their lives on a number of dangerous and high-risk missions. Despite being led by Jason Hayes (played by David Boreanaz), it’s been discovered that the role was initially set to be played by someone else.

Since premiering on CBS in 2017, SEAL Team has gained a ton of fans from across the world, who got hooked in with the gripping storylines.

David Boreanaz has starred in the series as Jason Hayes the Master Chief Special Warfare Operator of the Bravo Team, since the pilot episode.

However, according to Variety, it’s been discovered that the role was initially billed to Jim Caviezel, who turned it down due to creative differences.

Despite this, David’s previous experience as Seeley Booth in Bones for 12 seasons was the perfect fit for SEAL Team.

Since stepping away from the CBS pilot, he has gone on to star in the action-packed western thriller, The Ballad of Lefty Brown, where he played Jimmy Beale.

He also portrayed Luke in a movie called Paul, The Apostle of Christ in 2018.

In Running For Grace, viewers were transported back to the 1920s, where he played a Reyes.

Elsewhere in 2018, Caviezel took up narrating and lent his voice as the movie narrator to Oxnys: Kings of the Grail.

According to IMDb, the actor then made his last appearance on screen in 2019 as Doug Rawlins in Infidel.

None of these roles was similar to SEAL Team, so perhaps the creative difference was him not wanting to feature in any military shows or movies.

David Boreanaz went on to become hugely successful playing Jason Hayes.

With his role as the Master Chief Special Warfare Operator of the Bravo Team, he was highly respected by his team and friends.

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The pilot episode that was originally going to feature Caviezel titled Tip of the Spear, followed Jason Hayes as he underwent mental evaluation following the death of a crew member and close friend Nate Massey (Daniel Gillies).

This was all before being deployed to Libya to undertake an intense mission to rescue hostages.

Throughout the series, the crew continued to risk their lives in different missions across the world.

The series also highlighted the importance of soldiers taking care of their mental health.

They tackled PTSD, trauma and depression that came with serving and constantly being deployed.

This was seen in Brett Swan’s (Tony Curran) storyline – after serving time as a Navy Seal he began experiencing hearing loss but after a long struggle with his health, he took his own life.

This shone a light on the real-life veterans who go to war and struggle to adapt back to normal life.

All episodes of SEAL Team are available to stream on CBS

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