Season 4 of Netflix's 'Queer Eye' Premieres in July — Can You Believe?

It’s a Pride Month miracle. Hot off of the heels of Taylor Swift’s new music video, “You Need To Calm Down,” the Fab Five are back for another season of Queer Eye. Recently, Netflix renewed the makeover show for a fourth and fifth season. Learn more about the show’s upcoming season, here.

Netflix renewed ‘Queer Eye’ for a fourth and fifth season

The Fab Five is back to makeover a few more heroes, with a brand new season of Queer Eye. The show will be available for streaming later this summer, as Queer Eye teased on their social media accounts. “We are truly gay and blessed,” said one fan on Twitter.

This show is a reboot of Bravo’s Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. In this Netflix version, five queer personalities makeover local heroes through fashion, food, culture, beauty/grooming, and interior design. Sometimes the heroes even enjoy a visit from Bruley, the unofficial Queer Eye mascot.

Since its creation in 2018, Queer Eye earned love and recognition from countless fans. The show even won a few Primetime Emmy Awards, one for “Outstanding Casting for a Reality Program,” the other for “Outstanding Structured Reality Program.”

The new season of ‘Queer Eye’ premieres in July

The fourth season of Netflix’s reality show premieres on July 19, 2019. It stars everyone’s favorite Fab Five members — Karamo Brown, Bobby Berk, Antoni Porowski, Tan France, and Jonathan Van Ness. The show will also take place in Kansas City, the same location of the show’s third season.

While season 4 of the series takes place in Kansas City, based on the teaser trailer, season 5 will take place in Philadelphia. This would be Queer Eye’s first time doing makeovers in the City of Brotherly Love. According to Fox News, the fifth season of Queer Eye will debut sometime in 2020. Production for season 5 begins sometime next week.

What has the Fab Five been up to?

Although the Queer Eye members often make appearances together, the experts recently branched off to explore personal endeavors. Karamo Brown, the culture expert, will guest star on an episode of Disney Channel’s series Raven’s Home.

Antoni Porowski now owns a restaurant in New York City, called The Village Den. His book, Antoni in the Kitchen, premieres in September 2019. Recently, Antoni starred in a video for Them with RuPaul’s Drag Race contestant, Miz Cracker. Jonathan Van Ness, the beauty and grooming expert, became the first male ambassador for Essie, later coming out as non-binary. Fashion expert, Tan France, recently released his book Naturally Tan, which explores his life as a queer Muslim man.

Recently, Taylor Swift featured all members of the Fab Five in her music video for her single, “You Need To Calm Down.” The Queer Eye stars appeared alongside LGBTQ celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres, RuPaul, Billy Porter, and Adam Rippon. Four members of the Fab Five joined Taylor Swift and Todrick Hall for a tea party, sporting bright colors and their lively personalities. Tan France was seen pouring tea directly from the teapot into his mouth.

Season 4 of Netflix’s Queer Eye premieres on Netflix on July 19, 2019. Season 5 of the television series premieres in 2020.

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