Selling Sunset cast: How old is Mary in Selling Sunset? Agents’ ages revealed

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Selling Sunset is a reality TV series on Netflix which follows a group of real estate agents in LA. The series, which will see its third season air in August 2020, delves into the personal and professional lives of the agents. Fans are keen to know the ages of the main cast members, and has everything you need to know.

How old are the Selling Sunset agents?

Selling Sunset has gone down a hit with fans on Netflix as it is full of gossip and drama, and it also showcases luxury homes.

Fans get some insight into the friendships and conflicts between the real estate agents throughout the series.

One of the main cast members in the series is Mary Fitzgerald, and the newlywed wife is 39-years-old.

She is married to fellow cast member Romain Bonnet, who is 26-years-old, and she made a comment about the closeness in age between Romain and her son Austin.

Austin walked her down the aisle along with her father on her wedding day, and her son is 22-years-old.

Speaking of the difference in ages on her wedding day, she said to Romain: “So, babe, you’re 25, you’re not really that much older than my son.”


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Another popular cast member in the series is Chrishell Stause, and she hit the spotlight at the end of season two.

She announced to the group she was going through a divorce with her actor husband Justin Hartley, and admitted it was awkward filming the series at the same time.

Stause, who is an actress herself as well as a real estate agent, is 38-years-old, and she does not have any children at the moment.

While her ex-husband has found a potential new love interest, Sofia Pernas, Chrishell seems happy being single for the time being.

Christine Quinn is another popular real estate agent on the series, and the star from Texas is 31-years-old.

She is married to 41-year-old tech entrepreneur Christian Richard, and admitted the pair had got engaged in secret on holiday.

The couple held a gothic Winter Wonderland wedding in December 2019, with the eccentric Christine wearing a black wedding dress.

Another fan-favourite in the series is Heather Rae Young, a former Playboy model and actress.

She is 32-years-old, and she started modelling at the age of 18 for various fashion brands.

The actress started working in real estate in her late 20s and she joined the Oppenheim Group in 2014.

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Maya Vander is 32-years-old and she is one of the fan-favourites on the series as she tends to avoid conflict.

She is in a happy relationship with her husband and has not long given birth to her second child, Elle Madison.

Amanza Smith, who is known for previously being married to NFL star Ralph Brown, is 43-years-old.

She is a mother-of-two to son Braker and daughter Noah, and Ralph Brown is the father of the children.

Former model Davina Potratz is also a successful real estate agent on the series, and she is believed to be 30-years-old.


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Finally, Jason and Brett Oppenheim are the brothers behind the real estate agency, and they are both 43-years-old.

The almost identical twins feature on the series and they consider themselves to be LA’s number one realtors.

Fans are already looking forward to seeing more drama as the third season will launch on Netflix on August 7.

Selling Sunset is available to watch on Netflix now

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