‘Should he go?’ BBC Breakfast Jon Kay skewers Sajid Javid over Sarah Everard comments

Sarah Everard: Sajid Javid grilled over Philip Allott's comments

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BBC Breakfast hosts Jon Kay and Naga Munchetty were joined by MP Sajid Javid on Saturday morning to discuss the current news happening around the country. Talk soon turned to the current Sarah Everard case and the comments Phillip Allot made surrounding her death.

Jon began: “Let’s talk about a member of your own party, the conservative police and crime commissioner in North Yorkshire Phillip Allot.

“He said yesterday ‘Sarah Everard should never have submitted to Wayne Cousins’ and now he’s issued an apology, but some people are saying that’s just not enough, he should go.

“Do you think he should go?” Jon asked Sajid as he answered: “Well, what he said obviously was completely wrong.

“I’m pleased that he has apologised and retracted what he said, clearly the response to this terrible tragedy is a response for the police, for government more broadly.”

Before Sajid could continue, Jon interrupted: “Yeah, but what about him, should he go? That’s what a lot of people are saying.

“That was just failing to read the room, failing to understand the situation, failing to understand that the anger of so many women.”

Sajid continued: “Well, I think all those three failures you said are absolutely right on his part, I don’t know enough about him and his track record to tell you about what further action should be taken.

“What I do absolutely agree with, which I think was the reaction of almost everyone, is that what he said was completely wrong in every way, and he should reflect on that, but it’s right he apologised,” he explained.

Sajid’s comments and him refusing to answer Jon’s question sparked uproar on social media, and viewers angrily expressed their views.

@MikeJohnson2174 wrote: “Yet again, government refuse to answer yes or no to a simple question #BBCBreakfast.”

@Bufferb2012 also commented: “A simple yes or no would have been enough Sajid Javid, instead u dodged saying either #bbcbreakfast.”(sic)

“If Phillip Allot was a Labour Police and Crime Commissioner, you’d be demanding his head on a stick, he should go, and your equivocation just shows how lacking in ethics the Tory party is #BBCBreakfast,” @jb4cfm added.

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Yesterday, Phillip Allot sparked fury when he said Sarah Everard “never should have submitted” to the arrest by her killer, Wayne Couzens.  

Speaking on BBC Radio Yorkshire, he said: “So women, first of all, need to be streetwise about when they can be arrested and when they can’t be arrested.

“She should never have been arrested and submitted to that, perhaps women need to consider in terms of the legal process, to just learn a bit about the legal process.”

He tweeted out his apology where he said he realised his remarks were “insensitive and [I] wish to retract them in full.”

The Met police officer falsely Wayne Couzens arrested the 33-year-old in order to abduct, rape and murder her.

During the sentencing at the Old Bailey, it emerged he tricked Sarah Everard by falsely arresting her for a break of coronavirus guidelines.

Labour Party leader Sir Keir Starmer has called for Phillip Allot to quit saying: “He should go. I can’t think of a more inappropriate thing for a police and crime commissioner to say at any time.

“But at this time, in particular, he should consider his position,” he explained.

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