Sky News presenter forced to apologise as man cuts off live feed to drop F-bomb

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A Sky News journalist has apologised after her live TV report was interrupted by a swearing man who yelled "Yo bruv" on camera.

Political correspondent Kate McCann was out at south-east London giving updates to presenter Gillian Joseph, who was in the studio, on the resignation of Met Police chief Dame Cressida Dick on Thursday evening (February 10).

When Gillian asked Kate about the next steps for the commissioner, a young man was heard shouting behind Kate, saying: "Yo bruv, live TV – Sky News!"

Seconds later, he walked in front of the camera, blocking Kate's view as he put up a middle finger and yelled "F*** the French" and other expletives.

Kate stayed calm and said "okay" before the crew cut her microphone off.

She later went on Twitter and explained: "So sorry if you heard some fairly choice language on air just now.

"A group of (mostly really lovely) young guys on bikes were watching us set up for the live but sadly one guy decided to ruin our hit.

"His mates looked as annoyed as we felt. It’s been a bit of a night."

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And five minutes later, she said the bloke who shouted on air had cycled back to apologise for his behaviour.

"Still sorry it happened but at least we all learnt something. His Mum called to tell him off too," she said in a tweet.

Sky News viewers were quick to comment and said she has handled the situation professionally.

One said: "No apologies from you necessary. You maintained your dignity. Well done Kate. True professional."

A second wrote: "Hope you're okay. Go have a few pints Kate."

"I'm gutted for you, you're just trying to do your job," a third added.

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