Soap spoiler: Coronation Street’s Super Soap Week sees killers on loose as disaster strikes

It's Super Soap Week…

And in Weatherfield, Coronation Street becomes Horrornation Street, as disaster strikes. There are killers on the loose and a loaded gun. But who'll still be standing when the dust settles?

Spooky fun is being planned with Debbie Webster (Sue Devaney) hosting the House Of Horrors event – and there’s certainly plenty of horror in store. Because when the beer arrives, the barrels land heavily and dislodge earth into the Platts’ sinkhole….

Meanwhile, Abi (Sally Carman) packs a gun in her bag and heads to Corey’s (Maximus Evans) house. She's got a gun and is intent on making the young footballer pay the ultimate price for killing her son Seb.

Dev, Aadi and Asha aren't even meant to be around for the Halloween festivities on the Street. They are setting off for the holiday that was meant to be a lads' trip until Dev decided that daughter Asha should join him and Aadi, much to his son's annoyance.

But with a violent storm raging, the Alahans get lost on a country road, and end up stranded when their way is blocked by a fallen tree.

Meanwhile, evil drug lord Harvey (Will Mellor) has injured himself in prison and demands to be taken to hospital.

But that's not really where he's headed. For when the van carrying him crashes into Dev's (Jimmi Harkishin) car, Harvey manages to escape. And there's only one place he wants to go.

That's Weatherfield, where he plans to catch up with a certain Leanne Battersby (Jane Danson), and dole out his own retribution for her part in landing him behind bars.

The prison van swerves into Dev’s car and as it threatens to explode, Dev has to decide whether to help Asha or Aadi. He pulls his daughter from the wreckage but then disaster strikes as the car bursts into flames – with Aadi trapped inside. Willl he be able to rescue Aadi? If he doesn't he'll never forgive himself. But if the young lad does survive, how will he feel knowing that his dad chose to rescue his precious sister first?

In Weatherfield, Harvey then heads to the bistro to confront Leanne. She's outwitted him before, but this time she's not going to be able to talk her way out of trouble.

The sinkhole gives way and Abi and Corey find themselves trapped in a sewer. The water is rising but can Roy save them? Then, as Leanne tries to flee Harvey, the ground gives way and one of them plunges into the water below.

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The sinkhole also traps Jenny, so Johnny goes in to try to rescue her. David, Shona and Leo prise open the manhole to try to help everyone who is trapped.

But who will survive? It's going to be a gripping week of soap action, and not everyone is going to live to tell the tale…

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