Spoilers: Danger for Whitney as evil Leo returns for revenge in EastEnders

Whitney Dean (Shona McGarty) was left fearing for her life in EastEnders when she discovered that boyfriend Leo King (Tom Wells) was the son of paedophile Tony (Chris Coghill) but, tonight, she resolved to move on with her life once more — but little does she know that evil is lurking round the corner, as Leo is seemingly far from finished with her.

Earlier this week, Leo resolved to take Whitney to a posh London hotel in order to celebrate her birthday. However, while he freshened up in the bathroom, she received a phone call from Tiffany (Maisie Smith) who learned via Bianca (Patsy Palmer) that Leo is actually Tony’s son.

Whitney found herself trapped with the young man, who desperately tried to get her to admit that she lied about Tony abusing her. However, instead, Whitney stood up to him, and revealed the whole truth — something which Leo couldn’t handle, and thus exited.

During tonight’s episode, she struggled to come to terms with everything that had happened, and opened up to Callum (Tony Clay) — critiquing herself for falling for Leo’s lies.

However, ever the gentleman, Callum made clear that none of this was her fault, before paying a visit to Gray (Toby-Alexander Smith) — hoping that he could shed some light on how Whitney can get some justice, as she doesn’t want to go to the police.

Meanwhile, Sonia (Natalie Cassidy) and Tiffany did their best to support Whitney, and — with money Bianca gave them — they resolved to take her away for the day and treat her.

Afterwards, Whitney resolved to look to the future — and her and Ben (Max Bowden) put their differences aside, as she asked him to look after Callum, while he encouraged her to take care.

However, as Whitney headed home with a smile on her face and Tiffany by her side, Leo was seen lurking in the background — clearly having unfinished business with her.

The question is: what’s he after this time?

Leo’s conversation with mum Michaela (Fiona Allen) appeared to suggest that he finally believed that Tony was a paedophile, so if he knows what really happened, what could he possibly want from Whitney now?

The pair are set to have a relatively violent face-off at some point in the New Year, so it’s safe to assume that Leo’s intentions are once again sinister.

However, with Whitney having a lot of friends and family watching out for her, Leo had better watch his back.

EastEnders continues Monday 16th December at 8pm on BBC One.

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