Spoilers: Emmerdale star confirms Charity is devastated as her and Vanessa split

Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins) is set to be left devastated in Emmerdale, as fiancé Vanessa Woodfield (Michelle Hardwick) discovers the truth about her involvement in Mandy’s (Lisa Riley) dodgy dealings — and this revelation leads to Vanessa calling off their engagement. Naturally, Charity is crushed, but will this spell the end of Vanity once and for all?

Charity’s involvement in Mandy’s dodgy dealings was revealed several weeks back as part of a shock twist. However, in spite of Mandy using her involvement as leverage, Charity has remained adamant that Vanessa can never find out what she’s been up to. Unfortunately for her, that’s exactly what transpires in the coming episodes, as Vanessa gets wind of her intended’s actions.

After a showdown between the two, Vanessa calls off the engagement, and Emma Atkins spoke about how Charity reacts. She said: ‘Charity is quite devastated. And then it’s completely exacerbated when Moses goes missing. Her world is crashing in on her, and it’s not like she can run to Vanessa — because Vanessa would be the most perfect human to run to in a crisis, because she’s got a child — she’s got Johnny.’

‘So, it’s all falling away at the seams because that confidante, that relationship and that closeness is gone. It’s evaporated because of her wrong doing.’

While Charity has always had something of a mischievous side, it was her relationship with Vanessa that ultimately made her a better person — which is why Vanessa is so cut up about her getting involved in illegal activity.

However, while Vanessa has helped in taming this wild side of Charity’s, Emma reckons that such excitement is simply too hard for Charity to resist. She said: ‘It’s such a tangled web and she gets herself into such a state and it’s nothing new really. But since she’s met Vanessa, she’s been on the straight and narrow.’

‘Vanessa was hoping that this was proving that she’s turned over a new leaf, but unfortunately money — and the thrill of getting dressed up in a wig again — all becomes too exciting, so she takes on the challenge, starts this web of lies and then it completely spirals out of control.’

However, in spite of this, there’s no denying that Charity has become a better person as direct result of her relationship with Vanessa — which is one of the many reasons why the dynamic between the two characters is as fabulous as it is — and Charity losing that special person will no doubt have a huge impact on her going forward.

Speaking about what Vanessa means to Charity, Emma said: ‘I think it’s true love in a way. She’s found someone who she completely trusts and who she feels finally trusts her. There’s no threat to the relationship. It’s the closest thing she’s had to equality in terms of a relationship.’

‘It started off a real sort of chase and playing hard to get and all of those mind games, and then when she finally let her guard down, I think it was because she had such strong feelings that she was denying for some time. So, it’s a big deal to Charity that Vanessa’s pulled the rug like this and said ‘it’s over’.’

In addition to Charity’s dodgy actions, Vanessa will seemingly be annoyed that Charity withheld this information from her, which will no doubt damage the trust between them. But is this really it for Charity and Vanessa?

Emma mused: ‘Vanessa being lied to enough in the past — the betrayal is too big to come back from — certainly for the moment, anyway, so in Vanessa’s mind the split is permanent.’

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