Spoilers: Emmerdale star reveals devastating Belle scenes as family disown her

Belle Dingle (Eden Taylor-Draper) has made clear her feelings for Jamie Tate (Alexander Lincoln) in Emmerdale, but there is hell to pay when Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley) returns and discovers that the two are in a relationship.

Belle was heartbroken when Jamie chose Andrea (Anna Nightingale) over her, but the reason as to why he did so eventually came to light, when the young man confessed to her that he’d knocked down Moira (Natalie J Robb).

Belle was horrified at such a revelation, but she realised that she couldn’t report the man she loves to the police, and therefore resolved to keep his secret, and did everything she could to make Nate (Jurell Carter) keep quiet.

Speaking about Belle’s feelings for Jamie, actress Eden Taylor-Draper said: ‘I think she knows and feels that this is the only opportunity that she and Jamie can really make a go of their relationship with Andrea out of the picture.

‘I think she just puts Moira’s accident aside mentally; she knows Moira is okay now, so I think Belle decides that, because it’s all fine, her love for Jamie takes the front seat.’

While Jamie and Belle’s relationship hasn’t exactly been well-received by any of the village residents, it’s Cain’s reaction that the couple fear the most, and it’s safe to say the Dingle hard-man is fuming when he discovers the truth.

Eden said: ‘Obviously you don’t want to be on the wrong side of Cain!

‘Both Belle and Jamie are dreading him finding out, and when he does, Nate’s involved, which involves Chas, Charity – everyone – and Cain is the driving force who highlights what Jamie has done to Sam [after he sacks him] and makes Belle feel awful.’

‘Belle has been with Jamie having a coffee and as they are walking back, Nate sees them and loses it and kicks Jamie’s car wingmirror in. Jamie retaliates by verbally slinging mud at Nate and, instead of protecting her family, Belle protects Jamie.

‘That’s when Cain says, you don’t get to have both, you’re done with us now – and Belle thinks wow, this could be the end of my entire relationship with my family.’

Yes, Belle finds herself torn between her lover and her family, and although Cain seemingly makes the decision for her, Belle very much decides that it’s Jamie she wants to be with.

As Eden said, when Jamie overhears Sam (James Hooton) talking about him behind his back, he takes it upon himself to fire him and, shockingly, Belle sides with her beau.

Eden continued: ‘I think an argument kicks off between Sam and Jamie and Sam does put his foot in it and riles Jamie up, so Jamie just turns around and says, “you’re done, you’re fired”.

‘After what Belle says to defend Jamie she knows she can’t go back home after that. She makes the decision: I don’t care that you are my family, I’m with this man – so it’s kind of a no-brainer after Jamie suggests she moves in.


‘And where else can she go? It’s not like she has anywhere else to go. So yes, she goes home and packs her bags, it all kicks off again and she is out of there.’

Emmerdale continues Monday August 31 at 7pm on ITV.

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