Spoilers: Johnny is badly beaten up in drugs showdown in Corrie

Life in prison for Johnny Connor (Richard Hawley) in Coronation Street is a far cry from his past life as pub landlord. As his MS battle continues, Johnny is also struggling with his recent diagnosis of Charles Bonnet syndrome.

Johnny was recently told that having Charles Bonnet syndrome means his condition is physical, not mental and if his medication will work, the hallucinations he has been experiencing will stop.

As life continues to spiral for Johnny, Gary (Mikey North) warns him to watch his cellmate Kai as he’s bad news, and coming up, Johnny discovers Gary is right, as he’s beaten up in a drugs showdown.

Kai accuses Johnny of dealing drugs when it is in fact his MS pills. Gary backs him up but Kai’s disbelieving and convinced Johnny is stealing his drug business, Kai beats him up.

Jenny (Sally Ann Matthews) visits Johnny and is shocked by the state of him.

Johnny admits that he’s stopped taking his pills because he doesn’t want his eyesight to improve as he won’t see Aidan (Shayne Ward) again, and Jenny’s heart breaks for him.

As Kai starts to make Johnny’s life worse, just how bad will things get for him?

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