Spoilers: Mack confirms when Charity will find out the truth in Emmerdale

Mackenzie Boyd (Lawrence Robb) has been hiding a big secret in Emmerdale from wife-to-be Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins), but it is set to come out very soon, he revealed during tonight’s episode.

While drinking in the Woolpack, Mack confessed to buddy Nate (Jurell Carter) that he couldn’t stand lying to Charity anymore.

Viewers will know that Mack is harbouring a big secret: Lodger Chloe Harris (Jessie Elland) is pregnant with his child.

The pair had a one night stand last year following a fall out between Mack and Charity, after she suffered an ectopic pregnancy.

Now, as the pair are set to tie the knot, Mack has the burden of this secret weighing him down, and coming face to face with Chloe every day isn’t helping him in the slightest.

While Mack was determined that it was time to tell the truth, Nate persuaded him not to, insisting that it wouldn’t do anyone any favours.

However, Mack was insistent that he wanted her to know before the wedding so that they would have a clean slate once they were married.

He pointed out that she finally trusted him completely, and that after everything she’d been through that was a difficult thing for her to do.

Viewers will know that Charity recently opened up to Mack about the abuse she suffered as a child, following the death of Mark Bails in prison.

Revealing that traumatic period of her life was a big deal for Charity, and Mack knew that he couldn’t continue to keep things from her after she had been so honest.

Steeling himself up to break the awful news, he asked Nate how much he’d had to drink.

After being told that he’d only had one Whiskey, he decided that maybe now wasn’t the best time to break the news after all.

Instead, he promised himself that he would tell her all the grisly details tomorrow.

Will he stick to this plan?

With Charity so happily planning the wedding with Chloe by her side, how will she react to this bombshell?

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