Steph’s Packed Lunch fans baffled as psychic predicts things that’ve happened

Steph's Packed Lunch viewers were all left confused when a psychic appeared on the show and seemed to predict things that have already happened.

Fans of the Channel 4 programme couldn't believe how inaccurate the psychic was as she predicted that ABBA would be going on tour in 2022, despite this already being announced.

June Field appeared on the programme as Denise Van Outen and Steph McGovern asked her what she thought 2022 would bring.

Denise asked her if she knew anything about the music world that would be happening over the next 12 months.

June said: "To be honest, with music etc I think ABBA is the one that's going to shoot up."

She then went on to say that Denise would be spending some time working on her music career as well.

Denise then joked that her and Steph would be making a duet together but Steph didn't seem as convinced.

However, ABBA have already announced that they're going on tour in 2022 including their new music which they recently released.

ABBA Voyage is a slightly different concept to usual tours as instead of the band members appearing in person, they will instead be seen as avatars.

They will be accompanied by a 10-piece live band, in a custom-built arena at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London.

The band recently released a new album, Voyage which features ten new songs.

Fans took to Twitter to talk about what they thought of the psychic's predictions.

One person said: "So all she predicted is Abba doing a concert and England doing better than Scotland in the World Cup. Ground breaking stuff… #StephsPackedLunch."

Another said: "Mm not convinced by the psychic woman on #StephsPackedLunch who’s just predicted an Abba concert, and England doing better than Scotland in the World Cup."

A third wrote: "A 'psychic' has just predicted an ABBA tour in 2022. #StephsPackedLunch has jumped the shark…"

While another added: "What a load of b*******! This psychic is just making obvious statements. #StephsPackedLunch."

Tickets are on sale now for their latest tour which will begin in the spring of this year.

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