Strictly fans accuse Shirley Ballas of 'favouritism' to Dan Walker as she praises him after blunders on the dance floor

FURIOUS Strictly viewers have accused Shirley Ballas of unfair "favouritism" towards Dan Walker.

The BBC presenter went wrong on the dance floor – but was still awarded a seven from the head judge.

It was the same score she had given Judi Love and Sara Davies who danced before him.

Irritated that he was given a high-scored despite the blunders, a fan said: "Shirley definitely fancies dan why does she favour him so much."

Another added: "Iv lost all respect for Shirley, she is a BBC yes woman, Dan Walker was not worth a 7."

Someone else said: "#Strictly scores for Dan were ridiculously askew: a 3 from Craig and a 7 from Shirley?"

"Sara got the same score as Dan – who messed up? Come on Shirley play fair," said another.

One viewer added: "So Shirley thinks that Jodi, Dan and Sarah were all on at exactly the same level?"

Giving him feedback on disheartened Dan's dance, Shirley said: "First of all I wasn't disappointed in you at all, Dan.

"People make mistakes."

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She added: "We're only on week three, don't be hard on yourself. I think you're doing amazingly well.

"Keep working on your feet, like everyone else, but you do have the possibility of that beautiful vertical line, so well done."

Speaking to host Claudia Winkleman after his scores, Dan admitted he was disappointed in himself.

But putting a positive spin on what happened, Dan said: "The whole point of this programme that people who can't dance, are learning how to dance.

"Part of the process of learning how to dance is that you make mistakes.

"I know there are millions of people watching and I feel like I've let Nadiya down.

"I love this show because people do make mistakes and then get better. Hopefully I'll get another chance."

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