Strictly’s Maisie Smith ‘collapses’ after sweat-soaked rehearsal with partner Gorka ahead of dancing the jive

STRICTLY'S Maisie Smith was left slumped in a chair and wincing during a sweat-soaked rehearsal with pro partner Gorka Marquez yesterday.

The actress, 19, was ecstatic to make it to this weekend's quarter-finals and is being pushed to the limit by her super fit mentor ahead of Saturday's show.

For musicals week, the pair will jive to Little Shop of Horrors from the show of the same name.

And rehearsals are proving a horror show, as Maisie struggled to speak after a furious jive routine.

A dripping Gorka filmed her giving a thumbs up as music blared in the background.

Maisie's mum Julia recently spoke about how the teen is ‘vulnerable' and ‘nervous’.

As the youngest contestant on Strictly this year, the EastEnders actress has been in the bottom two dances twice, but sailed through the last week's show. 

Julia has explained how she’s not as tough as she comes across on screen and is struggling with living alone for the first time and not being able to see her parents.

She told The Daily Mail: “As a parent, it's not about her winning, it's not about her being at the top of the leaderboard in my eyes, in my opinion. 

“It's seeing my daughter upset and vulnerable… I want to grab her. In the early days me and my husband were allowed to sit in the audience and she would look over and we would give her a big thumbs-up and she said she misses that.

“Knowing that we're nowhere near, I feel her vulnerability, so it has been quite tearful. The last couple of weekends have been… you know, I didn't sleep on Sunday night. 

“I was up for three hours just pacing around in the night, thinking, 'How can I help her?'

“If it was any other year but Covid year, it could be so much better that she would come home, I'd cook her a nice meal with all her vegetables and we'd talk it through, and it would all be OK.”

Prior to last weekend, Maisie was up for elimination two weeks running after not securing enough viewer votes.

On comments that she has been too "cocky" and "arrogant" for viewers to warm to her, Maisie said: "People forget I am a 19-year-old girl.

"I’d ask people maybe not to judge my character on certain faces I pull when I’m dancing and maybe don’t be too quick to guess who someone is.

"I’m not confident in myself at all and I’m trying to be more ­confident, let’s not hate.

"When I was asked to do Strictly, as much as I was so excited, part of me thought it wasn’t the best idea for me because I’m too shy.

"Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve put on a confident front to cover up my nerves and maybe that came across in a different light than what I intended."

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