Susanna Reid leaves fans choking on their cornflakes as she acts out 'orgasm' scene from When Harry Met Sally

SUSANNA Reid left Good Morning Britain viewers choking on their cornflakes today when she acted out the iconic 'orgasm scene' from When Harry Met Sally.

Susanna, 49, shared her euphoria over the news that a coronavirus vaccine had finally been developed and could be rolled out before Christmas, and pretended to be Meg Ryan's character from the hit comedy flick.

The show host got VERY excited about the news of a new Covid vaccine and even left Piers Morgan blushing when she screamed "yes, yes yes!" live on air.

Piers had rea a newspaper headline which simply stated: "Yes! Yes! YES!" and asked GMB producers to play the When Harry Met Sally, causing Susanna to do a racy impression.

"Blimey," Piers replied, as Susanna burst into giggles and added: "This is Pfizer – the company behind the vaccine which also created Viagra. So you know, it all comes together."

But viewers didn't find it funny and tweets poured in as people at home complained about Susanna's enthusiastic reaction before 7am today.

One said: "Thanks #gmb Family think I'm watching porn now."

Another Tweeted: "That scene is crass & seriously UNFUNNY!!"

Another wrote: "Lots of kids watching saying What’s wrong with that lady. Why is she saying yes yes yes mummy."

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