'Teen Mom' Fans Are Already Saying Farrah Abraham's Daughter, Sophia, Is Dressing Inappropriately

There’s a lot currently going on in the Teen Mom world. Jenelle Evans is having quite a hard time with her current situation after her husband killed her dog, and there’s plenty more to speculate on regarding the cast of Teen Mom OG, too. Jenelle certainly isn’t the first mom to be removed from the series, either. We can’t forget that Farrah Abraham was fired from the show (though she still maintains she left on her own accord).

Today, Farrah maintains a steady following, but fans are growing increasingly worried for her 10-year-old daughter, Sophia. Sophia is growing up fast, but many have voiced their concerns that she’s not acting or dressing appropriately for her age.

Fans continually slam how Farrah Abraham is raising her daughter

Since the very beginning of 16 and Pregnant, Farrah’s been a polarizing figure. And just because she’s off the show doesn’t mean she’s out of the public eye. These days, Farrah has a strong Instagram following and is also doing her best to make her daughter, Sophia, an influencer as well. Farrah has stated before that she controls all of Sophia’s social media, but even so, many have concerns that the pre-teen is being exposed to the limelight way too early.

It’s not just her daughter’s Instagram that has fans up in arms, either. Farrah’s noted in interviews that she chooses to homeschool Sophia so the child can experience more events — and she’s also worried Sophia would be bullied for being too flawless. Fans were unimpressed with this answer, of course, and they voiced their concerns that Sophia isn’t getting enough social interaction with kids her own age.

Recently, fans are criticizing the way Sophia is dressing

Farrah’s made her body-positive stance well known, and that certainly extends to her daughter, too. Sophia is quite the fashionista and at one point even owned her own clothing store. Unfortunately, many fans are slamming a recent photo that Farrah posted to Sophia’s Instagram. Sophia’s wearing her gymnastics clothing with her midriff exposed.

As one fan commented on the photo, “Put some clothes on…. Don’t end up like your momma…. Make something of your life….” And another added, “She’s awfully young to be wearing that shirt. Most parents try to protect their children from pervert attention.” Finally, another commenter wrote, “
Guess throwing a T-shirt over the gymnastics outfit is waaaay too much to ask.”

Fans are also worried Sophia is becoming a mini-me of Farrah

Some of Sophia and Farrah’s followers defended the photo of Sophia after gymnastics practice. “I feel like the reason people leave such disrespectful comments on Sophia’s page is because they know it’s not run by Sophia, it’s very obviously run by Farrah,” said one fan. But others have mentioned in the comments section of this photo and others that they’re worried Sophia is going down the same path Farrah traveled, which will only lead to failed businesses, more reality TV, and unhappiness.

On this Instagram video of Sophia discussing her now-shut down children’s boutique, Sophia Laurent, fans even seemed to feel sorry for Sophia. “Way to teach her she doesn’t have to work for anything. She’ll grow up knowing she can whine and get stuff handed to her,” one follower directed their comment to Farrah. Another added, “A kid owning a business….how bout just go to school and be a kid.”

We’re not sure what’s next for Farrah or Sophia, but we’re sure we’ll see many additional ventures with both of them very soon. And as Sophia approaches her teen years, it’ll be interesting to see if her social media presence changes at all, too.

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