Teen Mom's Farrah Abraham slammed as a 'liar' for claiming she's NOT wearing makeup in new selfies

TEEN Mom's Farrah Abraham was slammed as a "liar" for claiming she's not wearing makeup in her new selfies.

The former reality TV star has come under fire multiple times for the way she raises her daughter, Sophia, and for how she acts in public.

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Farrah, 29, took to Instagram over the weekend to share a video of herself posing in a photo booth.

Along with the video, she wrote: "#nomakeup #filter just got wayyy more my favorite!!! #photobooth UPDATE YASSS.

She finished off the post with the hashtags: "#nomakeupfilter, #farrahabraham, #ilovemylife," and "#superbowlsunday."

However, fans quickly noticed that despite her writing multiple times that she wasn't wearing any makeup, she actually was.

Various people questioned her by writing: "No makeup?"

Another person pointed out that she was "kinda unrecognizable."

A third claimed that she only shared "fake news," while a fourth said that she "clearly [has] makeup on."

Another commented: "Who the f are you fooling? You do have makeup, you have wing eyeliner."

One person shared: "Just like everything else in life … Farrah clearly doesn't understand what no filter and no makeup means … or anything else for that matter.

"Are you gonna post #noplastic too?"

This is certainly not the first time the former Teen Mom OG star was slammed for her posts on Instagram.

In fact, a few days ago, fans slammed her for making Black History Month about herself.

While wearing a lacy outfit, she wrote: "IT’S SELF LOVE MONTH & Black History month.

"Always growing up I enjoyed of hearing, reading, watching & learning about our historical African American injustices through the #StopThePower #F***ThaPolice & now #BlackLivesMatter movements.

"I still to this day notice the acts of kindness, love, togetherness, inclusion, equality limits intimidation, misunderstanding, stops abuse, breaking laws and ends segregation and injustices of all sorts."

In the long-winded caption, Farrah then went on to recommend Netflix's History 101 documentary series as "a great reminder to our kids," before going on to reference democracy, communism, segregation and injustice.

She rounded off her rant with the words: "Plant a seed of love, hope, & focus to stop going in circles and hitting your head on a wall.

"Open your hearts & minds no matter how you type cast yourself💋."

In response to her post, one person commented: "This is absolutely unintelligible. Just… delete this."

"Leave it to you, to try and make some money off black history month," added another.

A third asked: "What does this picture have to do with black history month???"

But Farrah's 11-year-old daughter, Sophia, was quick to show her mom some support.

She wrote: "Go mom! Always fighting for others who can't fight for themselves!

"Your (sic) my valentine and woah! @netflix #history101 was crazyyyy."

Farrah's confusing post comes a day after her own mother, Debra, 63, announced the launch of an OnlyFans page.

Fans were appalled at Debra's new account, as they urged the grandmother to focus on other priorities.

"Isn't anyone close to her, aware that she is ridiculous and slipping off the deep end? She needs some kind of help! Poor Sophia," one expressed.

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