'The Amazing Race' Season 31 Finale: May the "Highest Vibing" Team Win

The Amazing Race Season 31 came to an end in Detroit, Michigan. Will it be The Afghanimals, who have the most detour and roadblocks finished, and have completed 34 Amazing Race legs? Or will it be the changed couple Colin and Christie, who feel they had youth on their side during Season 5 and now have wisdom? Or will Tyler and Korey, who came in third place during Season 28, finally take home the top prize? Keep reading to find out who won The Amazing Race Season 31.

‘The Amazing Race’ Season 31 Finale Roadblock: Who’s Good with Numbers

The teams traveled back to America, Detroit, Michigan specifically, where they find their next clue at the Spirit of Detroit. For the Roadblock, the contestants had to repel 500 feet down The Guardian Building, facing forwards, and remember four numbers written on windows. Those numbers open the combination lock to a massive bank vault, where they find their next clue.

Leo was the first to the vault; however, he had difficulty opening it. Colin arrived at the vault last, after Tyler, and opened it on the first attempt. Tyler finished behind him, but Colin and Christie couldn’t find their taxi and the best friends ended up getting ahead.

The contestants fowl and make vinyl records on the ‘The Amazing Race’ Season 31 finale

Next, they had to go to a fowling warehouse. Fowling is a combination of football and bowling, where the object of the game is to knock all the pins down by hitting them with a football. Tyler and Korey completed just seconds before Colin and Christie. Meanwhile, Leo, still stuck at the vault, could not figure out how to work the combination lock.

Then, the pairs went to Third Man Records where they had to press five two-toned vinyl records properly. Tyler and Korey only made two passable records on the first try, whereas Colin and Christie got all five correct on the first attempt. Leo finally opened the vault when the top two teams were completing their records.

Who won ‘The Amazing Race’ Season 31?

For the teams’ final assignment, they had to put together a five-piece drum kit from scratch that matched the original drum set to a tee. Sounds easy enough; however, they were in the middle of Hart Plaza with several musicians around them playing White Stripes’ “Seven Nation Army” on repeat. The loudness of the music caused the contestants not to hear their partner or even think straight.

Colin and Christie arrived at their drum set around 10-15 minutes before Tyler and Korey. Both teams had their sets checked around the same time for accuracy, but none got it correct. They changed things several times and kept getting it incorrect, causing Colin to get frustrated. Christie calmed him down by having him take deep breaths, and then Colin realized the mistake was the position of a lever. He fixed it, and the couple crossed the finish line first.

Colin and Christie winning The Amazing Race Season 31 is a true redemption arc because of their behavior on Season 5. Colin had a short temper, screamed at an ox, and almost got arrested in Tanzania. However, Christie and Colin came back for Season 31 with a more “Zen” approach, proving you don’t just need a competitive nature to win the race. You also need the right attitude. Colin and Christie mastered both, and they walked away with the million dollar prize.

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