The Apprentice star details behind the scenes secrets: ‘Doesn’t happen unless on camera’

The Apprentice: Francesca is fired by Alan Sugar

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Amy Anzel was the sixth contestant to be fired by Lord Alan Sugar on the BBC show The Apprentice. After thinking she was safe for another week and taking the challenges head-on, Amy was fired after Lord Sugar felt she wasn’t pulling her weight and was shying away from the spotlight. She recently opened up about her time on the show and revealed the secrets that went on behind the scenes and when the cameras stopped.

Speaking to and other press, Amy revealed what goes on behind the scenes when the cameras are off and touched on the friendships between the other contestants.

Amy explained: “It’s like a microcosm of the real world, you know, like if you’re in a work environment, or you just seem to gravitate towards certain people.

“That’s what it was like in the house, you know, you kind of knew you wanted to sit and have a meal with and chat to and you kind of stayed away from those that perhaps you didn’t gel with.

“But you know, overall, I think people were all nice to each other,” she said.

Touching on the camera aspect of the show, she said: “In terms of the cameras, when the cameras would stop rolling, we were told, unless it happens on camera, it doesn’t happen.

“So you would never try to do any more of the task when the cameras stopped rolling because then you knew that if something great happened, it wouldn’t be considered to be a part of what you did on the test.

“You learn that very quickly, you wouldn’t want to do like a massive sale of 20,000 units off-camera, and then it wouldn’t have been counted.

“So you learned very quickly to stop when the cameras stopped rolling.”

During Amy’s firing, Lord Sugar told Amy she was avoiding the spotlight and compared it to the way “Dracula avoids sunbathing”.

He explained to her: “You dodged the project management side of things, you’ve been here six weeks to show that you can do something.

“You haven’t shown me you can do something. And so it is with regret that you’re fired. Thank you.”

Speaking about her firing, she admitted she was “gutted” and was shocked as she had never seen someone fired by week six.

“I was so sad and disappointed, and though I have never seen someone fired by week six before for not being PM [Project Manager].

“I thought, I’ve been sub-team leader for four to six tasks, I’ve been showing my skill set my business acumen I did put myself up as PM and week two.

“And ultimately, I’ve been contributing significantly to every single task, I was not dodging, I was not hiding, so I just felt that it was a very unfair, unjustified firing,” she told Express.

Touching on her time on the show, Amy also took to her Instagram to thank the people who supported her and teased at what’s to come for her in the future.

She wrote: “As the oldest ever candidate on @ApprenticeUK, I’m honoured to have been part of the series!

“I just want to say the biggest THANK YOU to everyone who has supported me, your love has been absolutely unbelievable.. I’m so so grateful!

“And also, to all of my fellow candidates, it’s been an absolute blast being on this journey with you all, thank you for embracing me and for generally being amazing humans.

“Oh and don’t worry, you’ll be seeing me again sooner than you’d think…” (sic)

The Apprentice airs Thursday at 9pm on BBC One.

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