The Apprentice’s axed Harry Mahmood blasts Tim Campbell over ‘disruptive’ dig

The Apprentice: Harry is first to be fired

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Lord Alan Sugar and the hungry business hopefuls made their huge comeback to BBC for another season of the business-style reality series. As well as 16 new candidates, Lord Sugar was joined by new aide Tim Campbell – who was later slammed by the eliminated Harry Mahmood.

The Apprentice returned for another helping of the competition, with a new round of candidates hoping to win the life-changing £250k investment in their business.

Season 16 premiered on Tuesday and viewers watched Harry, an operational manager from the West Midlands, become the first candidate to be eliminated after a tense showdown.

Although he described himself as the “Asian version of Lord Sugar”, Harry struggled to design a marketing campaign for a cruise line.

He was on the losing team after a luxury cruise promotion task took a wrong turn, which led to a brutal clash with candidates Akshay Thakrar and Akeem Bundu-Kamara.

Harry hoped to win Lord Sugar’s investment so they could work together to develop his bath bomb business, to become the “bad boys of the bath bomb world.”

However, his dream was quickly squashed after the logo he helped create was compared to a turd.

Digital Marketing Agency owner Akshay Thakrar put himself forward as Project Manager for the men’s team, however, tensions ensued when Harry and Akeem Bundu Kamara struggled to decide on a logo.

The team ultimately decided on creating a logo which resembled a banana in the stages of decay.

The teams then focused on creating an advert which didn’t seem to impress either, as Lord Sugar’s Karren compared it to an advert for an old people’s home instead of a luxury cruise.

In the boardroom, Lord Sugar shared his disappointment with both teams but ultimately revealed the boy’s team lost the task because of the logo.

The team headed to the infamous Bridge cafe to discuss their failure and decide which three would return to the boardroom.

However, the bickering continued when they returned and after they were asked to wait outside for a private boardroom chat, Tim described Harry as “disruptive.”

Ultimately, Lord Sugar agreed with Tim’s opinions of the team and fired Harry.

After watching the episode, Harry lashed out at the comments made and stated: “I am gutted and upset to go. I am definitely not happy with that comment.

“Tim didn’t even follow the boys around – it was Karren. How would he know?

“I am not impressed if someone is calling Harry a ‘disrupter’. They tried to play on that scapegoat word. Then Lord Sugar fired me because the word was being fed back to him.

Despite initially blasting Tim for the label, Harry shared he would wear the remark as a badge of honour.

He continued: “Does a disrupter get an award from the Queen? If you look at the major disruptors in the world past and present, they are Nelson Mandela or Elon Musk. I am my own brand too.”

The remaining candidates will continue with equally challenging tasks which will test their competitive and business minds.

Fans will have to stay tuned to see which budding entrepreneur will take home the prize and have Lord Alan Sugar as their next investor.

The Apprentice continues Thursdays at 9pm on BBC One.

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