'The Bachelorette': John Paul Jones Gives Hannah B. a Lock of His Hair in Emotional Deleted Scene

Hannah Brown certainly has a colorful cast of characters on her season of The Bachelorette. We already have two possible villains: Luke P. and Cam. We had a contestant who came of the show with a girlfriend waiting for him back home. And we have someone who told Hannah B. he was falling in love with her just after two episodes (our possible villain Luke P.). There’s also a contestant who’s Bachelorette bio lists his occupation as his name. That contestant is John Paul Jones.

In addition to being a John Paul Jones, John Paul Jones is also “a financial analyst from Maryland who is here looking for the real deal. When John Paul Jones isn’t daydreaming about his future wedding, he enjoys traveling the world and contemplating the meaning of life.”

His bio goes on to read:

“- When referring to John Paul Jones, always use his full name: John Paul Jones.

– John Paul Jones’s favorite drink is Champagne.

– John Paul Jones rarely uses words that are less than three syllables long.”

He’s an interesting guy with a nice head of hair.

John Paul Jones gives Hannah Brown a lock of his hair in this deleted scene

In the most recent episode, a scene of John Paul Jones giving Hannah B. a lock of his shiny blonde hair was cut (pun very much intended). It was … surprisingly emotional.

“I reflected over the last few days and sort of been beating myself up because I feel as though I don’t fit your definition of bold,” he told Hannah B. while she listened with a concerned face. “There’s more to me than my sort of funny, playful side. Vincent Van Gogh showed a sacrifice to his greatest love by cutting his ear off and giving it to her. So I wanted to let you cut a piece of my hair and I wanted you to keep it and think of me.”

Hannah B. was excited.

“You know I come from a family of cosmetologists so I might be pretty good at this,” she said, already positioning herself to cut a piece of his hair. “You’re trusting me to do this!”

An emotional swell of music starts to play.

“I think–” John Paul Jones began before a long pause.

“Are you ok?” asked Hannah B.

“Yeah no I just uh–love is showing sacrifice for another person and I’m willing to sacrifice,” he replied. This was obviously a big deal to John Paul Jones. John Paul Jones’s hair is a big deal to John Paul Jones.  

“That’s beautiful,” said Hannah. “Alright, stay still I don’t want to accidentally slip and cut off that ear.”

Hannah B. cut a small lock of John Paul Jones’s hair to which he replied: “I feel so much lighter now!”

You know, you do what you can to stand out. John Paul Jones is obviously very attached to his hair and giving Hannah B. a piece of it really was a sacrifice for him. We’ll have to see if the gesture was enough for him to make the cut (intended!) for next week’s rose ceremony.

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