The best new TV to stream this week – from Lovestruck High to Life & Beth

STREAMED all there is to stream on Netflix and co? Well, fear not. The Sun has got you covered with the best new TV shows coming to your screens.

From the eagerly anticipated dating show Lovestruck High, to sci-fi drama series Night Sky, there’s no shortage of shows to binge-watch until your heart’s content. 

Lovestruck High (Amazon Prime)

If you think you’ve seen it all now when it comes to dating shows on TV, think again.

In this hugely enjoyable new series, 15 British singles are whisked back in time to receive the classic American high-school experience, at Lovestruck High.

With none other than Lindsay Lohan narrating, we get to watch as these wannabe jocks and mean girls look for love in the classroom, out on the sports field or while playing spin-the-bottle after school.

The entertaining eight episodes give gay and straight students alike a chance to find a date before Prom night, when one lucky couple will be crowned Prom Royalty and win $100,000.

Available to watch from Wednesday, 18 May.

Now and Then (Apple TV+)

Rosie Perez stars in this intriguing, reassuringly twist-laden eight-part thriller, with I Know What You Did Last Summer vibes and more than a hint of Yellowjackets.

It’s the year 2000 and a group of pals graduating from college in Miami are involved in a chain of shocking and tragic events, which they agree to cover up.

Flash forward 20 years and we find the former friends trying to get on with their lives – until they all receive a threatening text demanding money. But who sent it and why?

Episodes 1-3 available Friday, then weekly.

Life & Beth (Disney+)

Amy Schumer writes and directs this quirky new comedy-drama in which she plays New York wine seller, Beth.

She ends up leaving her increasingly miserable life and relationship in the city and heads to Long Island, where she falls for no-nonsense farmer John.

Don’t expect an out-and-out love story, though, as the ten-part series tackles some heavy topics along the way, with Beth confronting a childhood trauma that set her life on its previously unfulfilled track. Smart, affecting and, above all, funny.

Available to watch from Wednesday, 18 May.

Night Sky (Amazon Prime)

Ageing couple Irene and Franklin have something much more miraculous.

Many years ago, they discovered a remarkable and mysterious chamber buried in their garden, a chamber that leads to a strange, deserted alien planet.

Up to now, they’d kept the chamber’s existence under wraps but the arrival of strange young man Jude threatens the couple’s quiet life and their precious secret.

This eight-part drama is as enigmatic and fantastical as it sounds, but the two leads – both Oscar winners – help to make it a compelling and original slice of sci-fi fun.

All episodes available Friday, May 20.

Tokyo Vice (Starzplay)

Tokyo in 1999 provides the atmospheric and intriguingly alien backdrop for this glossy eight-part thriller centred around ambitious young American Jake, who gets a job as a crime reporter for an important Japanese newspaper.

After being assigned the task of covering the police investigation into a brutal killing – which is swiftly followed by another shocking death – Jake is plunged into the murky, murderous waters of the city’s organised crime network,

Before long, he realises that corruption and conspiracy are everywhere.

Available to watch from Sunday, 22 May.

The Marked Heart (Netflix)

When his wife is murdered and her heart is stolen by a shadowy organ-trafficking crime syndicate, Simón sets out to get revenge.

A powerful and gripping 14-part thriller from Colombia. In Spanish with subtitles.

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Corpse Talk (YouTube)

Join Adam as he brings famous historical figures – think the likes of Mozart, Cleopatra, William The Conqueror and Marie Curie – back to life to interview them about their incredible lives.

Brilliantly funny 13-part kids’ animation.

Bling Empire (Netflix)

It’s season two of the reality show that follows a group of wealthy Asian and Asian Americans in LA.

While romance blossoms between Kim and Kevin, Christine and Anna’s rivalry is as fierce as ever – plus some new faces put the cat among the Piaget-laden pigeons.

Sneakerella (Disney+)

This new musical take on the classic Cinderella story moves the action to Queens in New York, where El, an aspiring footwear designer, falls in love with the daughter of a basketball star and trainer tycoon. Magical modern fairy-tale fun.

Our Father (Netflix)

A genuinely shocking true-crime docuseries about a group of people from the US who discovered they had over 50 half-siblings and that their father was Donald Cline, a fertility doctor who secretly inseminated his patients with his own sperm.

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