The Blacklist fans fear cancellation as NBC shares season 10 shake-up

The Blacklist: NBC releases trailer for ninth season

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Raymond ‘Red’ Reddington (played by James Spader) will be back on screens before the end of February as NBC confirmed last year The Blacklist’s 10th season would kick off on Sunday, February 26. After making its name on Thursday evenings, the US network decided to switch the series to Sundays during season nine in a move widely questioned by fans at the time. And now, NBC has made another tweak to The Blacklist’s usual listings, announcing an all-new timeslot on Sundays.

Last season, The Blacklist fans were used to tuning in at around 8pm ET to see what Red had up his sleeve.

When season 10 rolls around, however, The Blacklist will air at a later time of 10pm ET.

And this hasn’t gone unnoticed by fans, with some now fearing this could be NBC’s way of slowly phasing the crime drama out.

Instead, Magnum PI will air prior to the new season of The Blacklist and while fans may hope its strong audience will stay up late, some are anticipating the worse.

After the news was confirmed, Redditor and Blacklist fan U/ddd3107 said on the forum: “It changed from Sundays at 8 pm to Sundays at 10 pm.

“Just sounds like a show that is about to get cancelled or one that hardly anyone looks forward to.”

And these fears were similarly echoed by a number of the fandom, including U/Woopig170 explained: “Yeah because they abandoned the questions people want answered from watching the show.”

While U/Intrigued_by_Words weighed in: “Sunday doesn’t really scream Blacklist to me. But at least it starts after football season time delays. 

“I can’t imagine a show in its tenth season will grow much of an audience but maybe they won’t lose much. Hopefully they’ll pull out all stops and do what they want since expectations seem low.”

Elsewhere, U/NoTomatilo1775 commented: “I always felt it belonged in the 10:00 p.slot, just not on Sun.”

And fans on Twitter were similarly apprehensive, with Lorraine Fage replying to the news: “Most shows don’t survive this many day and time changes. Especially when there is no promotion to go with it.”

And @JessCamNJ weighed into the debate by simply asking: “This show is still on?!?!?!”

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The Blacklist isn’t the only NBC show to be affected by the network’s Sunday night rethink.

Magnum PI will kick off its latest run with a two-hour premiere on February 19 before airing in its usual 9pm slot on Sundays.

The move was established after NBC bosses decided to postpone the launch of drama Found until the Fall of 2023, meaning The Blacklist has now taken its spot.

Susan Rovner, Chairman of Entertainment Content at NBCUniversal Television and Streaming, explained in a statement: “After watching the first few episodes of Found, it quickly became clear that our love for this show has continued to grow and grow with each step of the process.

“Our goal is always to find the absolute best home for all our series, and it’s particularly the case with one as important as this. 

“By moving it to fall, we’re able to better leverage our resources, including lead-in and marketing muscle, enabling us to launch Found to the largest possible audience across all our platforms,” she added.

But will The Blacklist’s shift prove to be detrimental to the show’s future?

The Blacklist season 10 premieres on NBC in the USA on Sunday, February 26. A UK release date is yet to be announced.

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