The Boys' goriest ever moments – from splattered brains to eyes being melted and even death by sex

THE BOYS on Amazon Prime has some of the most gory, bloody and shocking moments ever to grace television. 

From splattered brains, eyes being melted inside heads and even a very deadly sexual encounter, The Boys is a bloody paint by numbers of gruesome encounters. 

Ahead of season two dropping on 4th September here are some of the best, albeit bloodiest, moments from season one. 

Episode One – Robin gets run down by A-Train

Holy Moly! What a start to the series. Robin’s death in the very first episode lays the foundations for Hughie wanting revenge on The Seven. 

Hughie and his girlfriend Robin are seen walking along the pavement as they make lazy, loved-up plans. 

Robin steps off into the road, her hands in Hughie’s as they gaze into one another’s eyes. 

Then superhero A-Train blasts past in a blur and he essentially ‘goes through’ Robin, turning her body to a mush of blood and tissue. 

The scene is incredibly graphic. As the camera pans round, viewers see a mass of blood, teeth and bone as it is suspended in slow motion. 

Blood splatters against Hughie’s face as he turns to see A-Train stop, apologise and carry on running. 

There are several heart-wrenching moments as Hughie screams Robin’s name before the camera pans down to see her dismembered hands still intact, holding his own.

Episode Two – Translucent's death

As mentioned above, the only reason Hughie Campbell joins Billy Butcher's brutal crusade is because A-Train killed his girlfriend.

However, this is one instance when he shows just how nasty he can be when the moment strikes. 

After capturing Superhero Translucent and keeping him in a cage, Billy and Hughie go and see fellow criminal Frenchie for help. 

Unable to hurt him due to his impenetrable metal-like skin, Billy, Hughie and Frenchie stick explosives up his bottom and threaten him with death to get information. 

While distracted, Translucent eventually escapes and convinces Hughie, who is holding the detonator, to let him leave.

It seems as though the mild mannered Hughie is about to let him go but at the last second, he changes his mind and blows Translucent apart from the inside out.

Episode Three – Death by sex as Popclaw sits on landlord's face

Popclaw’s is quite a sad story that underpins the murky side to being Supe but not being a celebrated one. 

Once famous and on TV, Popclaw – or Charlotte to use her real name – is no longer in the public eye and struggles with being sidelined by her boyfriend A-Train. 

Hurt after being ignored by her lover, she injects herself with deadly Compound V and is suddenly imbued with even more strength and power. 

When Popclaw’s landlord comes to collect the rent, she offers him an alternative in the form of some raunchy role play instead of money. 

However, things take a turn for the worst when she sits on his face and ends up crushing the man's skull. 

Although a horrifying accident, the landlord’s head is not only crushed but explodes as his brain and skull pour out. 

Episode Seven – Mesmer gets his face caved in

The Boys is led by Billy Butcher, who wants revenge on main Supe Homelander who he believes is responsible for the death of his wife. 

He has no qualms about hurting people, especially any superheroes, but he doesn’t inflict violence very often. 

However, when he is crossed he is deadly. 

After telepath Mesmer betrays the Boys to Homelander and the CIA, Billy finds him and teases him with insights into his mind. 

Luring him into a false sense of security, Billy then shows Mesmer exactly what he’s going to do to him. 

Screaming, the tiny Supe gets his head smashed in as Billy uses a bathroom sink to crush his face. 

The camera is aimed looking up at Mesmer so the viewer sees as his face is pounded in and smashed to pieces. 

Episode Eight – Stillwell has her eyes burned out by Homelander

As a key influential figure of Vought International, Madelyn Stillwell has very few scruples or even feelings when it comes to anyone but herself.

In the season finale Billy captures her and attaches a load of explosives to her body, threatening to blow up her and baby Teddy. 

Although he’s trying to bait Homelander into saving her so he can blow him up as well, it’s actually the Supe who ends his fearless leader’s life. 

Homelander kisses Stillwell, leading her to believe he’s going to save her before using his laser vision to burn right through her eyes and into her brain and skull. 

The camera watches as she slumps back in her chair, her face partially melted.

Disgusting but what’s really sad is that Billy still blows her up, killing innocent baby Teddy, too. 

Season two drops on Amazon Prime on 4th September.

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