The Chase: Bradley Walsh speechless as Jenny takes brutal swipe at host’s age

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ITV viewers saw players Elizabeth, Stuart, Sian and Rich all take on Jenny Ryan this evening to try and get through to the Final Chase and win the jackpot. As ever, the four contestants were guided through by host Bradley Walsh, who soon became the recipient of a brutal swipe from Jenny during the first round. The savage putdown came when Jenny and one of the contestants were asked about the first British act to reach Number One in the UK. 

Today, Jenny soon proved she was on good form but a cheeky dig to the show’s host came moments into the first round. 

Bradley asked: “Who had the first album by a British act to reach Number One in the UK?”

The three options to choose from were A, Tommy Steele, B, Adam Faith, or C, Cliff Richard.

Player Elizabeth had chosen to go for Cliff Richard, noting she “could be wrong” when Bradley revealed her answer. 

“It’s got to be Tommy Steele, surely,” the host commented before this was shown to be the correct answer. 

The Chaser got the correct answer but noted it was a “tough question,” with adding Bradley: “I knew it!”

“Well, you’re old enough to have bought it,” Jenny joked to the host, leaving him lost for words.

Unamused, Bradley stared straight down the ITV cameras as Jenny let out a laugh.

Luckily, he managed to regain composure and moved on with today’s episode.


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