The Chase fans fume as two contestants opt for minus offers ‘Absolute disgrace’

The Chase: Contestant takes offer of -£2,000

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Bradley Walsh welcomed contestants Des, Louise, John and Anna, onto The Chase on Monday to go up against Shaun ‘The Dark Destroyer’ Wallace. While Des successfully raised £35,000 for the team, his fellow contestants chose to play for minus offers in a bid to make it into the final round alongside him. However, many fans of the ITV gameshow lashed out at their “disgusting” decision to take the negative offers.

Louise was the first contestant sent home from The Chase before it was Scottish engineer Des’ turn to answer as many questions correctly as possible Bradley asked him. 

He managed to raise £4,000 in the cash building round ahead of facing The Dark Destroyer.

Des’ teammate Emma encouraged him to take the £35,000 offer the Chaser gave him, and he was thrilled when he made it through to the final with the impressive sum of money. 

However, when it came to Anna and John’s turn they both selected minus offers which pulled the total prize money available down to £30,000. 

John told his teammates he wanted to split the money into thirds, which did not sit well with viewers at home. 

Ben Jones fumed on Twitter: “I have never been so disgusted in my life. Des on the chase brings in £35k, taking the high offer, the subsequent two contestants then proceed to take the LOW offer.

“It’s an absolute disgrace, not the way that game shows should be played. I stand with Des.” 

Claire Cook added: “It’s embarrassing when people celebrate getting through and they’ve taken a minus offer.” 

Amy quipped: “Two minus offers in one episode?! You cannot be serious! #TheChase”

Cameron Stroud commented: “Two people in the same show taking the lower offer… Absolutely unforgivable behaviour, hope their families are proud. #TheChase”

Ross added: “Pushing her teammate to take the higher offer and then [ruining] it with the low offer. Disgusting. #TheChase” 

Despite making it into the final, the trio ended up going home with nothing as they were beaten by the Chaser with a second to spare.  

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They had five opportunities to push The Dark Destroyer back during the tense finale. 

Following their loss, Paul Rowman commented: “Glorious viewing, two people taking the minus offer and getting caught with one second to go. #TheChase” 

During the episode, The Chaser told the contestants who took the minus offers they “made the right decision”. 

Bradley also praised Des for raising £35,000 by himself during his round against The Dark Destroyer. 

Following the players’ defeat the 61-year-old host said: “You had five attempts to push back, you played well. 

“But you were caught with one second to go, but he’s a mastermind camp don’t forget.

“I’ve got to take home the £30,000 and for you three, the chase is over.” 

The Chase airs weekdays on ITV at 5pm.

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