The Chase viewers in hysterics as player vows to spend winnings on visiting Justin Bieber museum in Canada

Fans of The Chase were left highly amused tonight after a contestant vowed to splash all her winnings on a visit to a Justin Bieber museum.

Player Franky, 27, said she would be jetting out to the exhibit in Ontario, Canada, if she won any cash on the ITV1 game show.

When asked what she enjoys doing, Franky told The Chase's Bradley Walsh: "I write a bit of poetry, heartbreak, love, stuff like that. And I'm also a massive fan of Justin Bieber."

When questioned about potential winnings, Franky added: "I would take my fiancée and my little boy to the Justin Bieber Museum in Stratford, Ontario, in Canada."

Bradley appeared stunned to know that Justin has his own museum, to which Franky told him: "That's the impact of The Biebs."

Fans were left in hysterics at the contestant's reasoning for going on the popular game show.

One tweeted: "Imagine you win The Chase and your biggest aspiration for your winnings would be to go and visit the Justin Bieber museum #TheChase."

Another one added: "What the hell is she going on about? Justin Bieber museum! #TheChase."

A third jested: "Franky – 'I’m a massive fan of' Me – 'bet she says My Chemical Romance or Fall out Boy' Franky – 'Justin Bieber' #thechase."

Franky and fellow contestant, a man called Deepak, made it to the final Chase against Chaser Darragh Ennis.

However, viewers couldn't believe it when Franky failed to correctly answer that Canada is a Commonwealth country – wrongly suggesting Spain might be.

"Franky: I Want to go to Canada Also Franky: I don't know any commonwealth countries," one fan tweeted.

Another added: "Did Franky just think Spain was a commonwealth country?"

Darragh bluntly told her: "It's Canada, Franky."

The pair were beaten by Darragh, meaning they both walked away empty handed.

The Chase continues weekdays at 5pm on ITV1.

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