The Disappearance 5Star release date: When is The Disappearance out?

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The Disappearance is a thrilling new drama following the family of Anthony Sullivan (played by Michael Riendeau). Anthony suddenly vanished during his birthday treasure hunt and as family secrets start to spill, the search for him becomes more urgent than ever. has all you need to know about the series and its release date.

When is The Disappearance out?

The Disappearance is destined to be a highly anticipated series, following the release of Channel 5’s The Drowning.

Like The Drowning, this series tells of how a young boy’s disappearance impacts his family.

Anthony vanishes while searching his neighbourhood on a scavenger hunt arranged by his grandfather Henry (Peter Coyote) for his birthday.

However he disappears unexpectedly and his family is left devastated as they frantically search for him.

The synopsis says: “Long-held secrets are uncovered, threatening to tear the family apart.

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“Henry Sullivan, a retired judge and former prosecutor, begins his own investigation into Anthony’s disappearance, even though his close friend and former colleague, Lieutenant-Detective Susan Bowden (Micheline Lanctôt) is working the case and Henry’s close involvement could threaten to derail it.

“As Anthony’s parents, Luke (Aden Young) and Helen (Camille Sullivan), desperately search for anything that could lead them to their son, tensions rise as Luke begins to suspect that his son’s disappearance could be connected to his father’s past.

“Helen, willing to do anything to be reunited with her son, finds herself dangerously following any clue that could help her find Anthony.”

The series is made up of six episodes, with the first airing on 5STAR on Saturday, February 6.

The debut episode, called Birthday Boy, is scheduled to air at 9pm.

The episodes are expected to air weekly at the same time thereafter, and viewers can expect plenty of cliffhangers.

The first episode will see Anthony get into trouble at school and it creates tension between the family.

Then, during his 10th birthday celebration, he vanishes without a trace and his grandfather steps up to help find him.

Henry’s character is described as being “brilliant but ridged,” and when he was a judge he was very tough on criminals.

Henry is living with his son Luke, Anthony’s dad, and Luke is not particularly close to him.

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Luke is the complete opposite of his father and there is still tension between the two, particularly after the death of Luke’s mother.

Luke has also just separated from his wife Helen as they believed they were too different to make the relationship work.

However, they have remained friends and still act as co-parents to Anthony.

Other characters in the series include Luke’s sister Catherine (Joanne Kelly) and Sergeant Detective Charles Cooper (Kevin Parent).

The Canadian series has previously aired on WGN America and a trailer is available to watch on YouTube.

The video shows Anthony showing the class a project for which he spied on his classmates and took photos of them.

The clip then moves forward to Anthony’s birthday and his sudden disappearance, which leads to a frantic police investigation.

The police end up finding Anthony’s bike in the woods and they officially declare him missing.

His parents are forced to take a step back and let the police do their job, but they do not find it easy.

Henry in particular is determined to get to the bottom of the case.

The Disappearance starts on 5STAR on February 6 at 9pm

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