The Dropout actress admits to ‘obsession’ with female fraudsters ‘Starving for it’

The Dropout: Official trailer from Disney+

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Elizabeth Holmes’ spectacular rise and fall has been turned into an eight-part series for Hulu and Disney+ called The Dropout. Elizabeth was the founder of the blood test company Theranos which promised a drop of blood could carry out hundreds of medical tests. The series follows the sinister story of how Elizabeth faked the science behind her Silicon Valley start-up, and one of the stars of the new series has detailed the growing “obsession” with female con artists. 

The 38-year-old, who was once billed as the next Steve Jobs, launched Theranos when she was just 19 years old after dropping out of Stanford University at the end of her freshman year. 

She aimed to develop a blood-testing device that would revolutionise healthcare by being able to perform hundreds of tests with a single drop of blood. 

Investors pumped hundreds of millions of dollars into Theranos without ever actually witnessing whether Elizabeth’s machine worked. 

At its peak, thanks to Elizabeth convincing investors to believe in her product, Theranos was valued at $9 billion.

She became the youngest female self-made billionaire, but she soon took a dramatic fall from grace after being exposed for defrauding investors later down the line. 

American actress Elizabeth Marvel, who plays Elizabeth’s mother Noel Holmes in the upcoming drama, has spoken out about an “obsession” with female fraudsters in an interview with and other media. 

She said: “I think we are all so starving for truth and so longing to be able to understand where the con is happening and how it’s happening.”

Elizabeth added: “If we are ambitious and motivated, how much of us have to hustle?

“I know as a working actor, who has been dealing with this for 30 years, part of my deal is being a con as I’ve had to hustle.” 

She said she thinks there is an obsession with female con artists because “we are inundated with lies and longing to find out a way to the truth”.

The 52-year-old also addressed how money plays a huge part in the series, adding: “I think the obsession to be rich is age-old and it’s always been there, it’s a huge motivator for ambition to gain wealth, that’s an ancient story and there is nothing new there. 

“I don’t know if it’s an obsession so much with health, I would say it’s an obsession with convenience around health that if we can just get a drop of blood and find out everything, that is what we want. 

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“We don’t want to have a process and we don’t want it to take time, we want to have information right now that we can pay for and walk out the door.”

The actor said she thought part of the conflict of the Theranos story is about how much people are willing to cut corners to find out answers. 

In the end, John Carreyrou’s 2015 investigation into Elizabeth Holmes’ work blew the entrepreneur’s company apart. 

Elizabeth is now facing up to two decades behind bars, with each count of her sentence likely to be served concurrently. 

Award-winning actress Amanda Seyfried, 36, was transformed into Elizabeth for The Dropout.

Her co-star Elizabeth has praised her for embodying the obsessive CEO who became infamous for her red lipstick, black turtlenecks and deepened voice. 

Speaking about Amanda’s transformation, Elizabeth said: “She’s magnificent and came in fully-loaded on day one.” 

The Dropout will premiere with three episodes on March 3 exclusively on Disney+.

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