The Famous Sandwich That Won Jeff Mauro the Title of 'Food Network Star

Many know Food Network as one of those cooking channels on television. The TV network features both instructional cooking shows and programming that leans more toward entertainment. There are a few television celebrities that appear on Food Network, and one of them is Jeff Mauro. 

Many people mainly know Mauro for his sandwich recipes. He has an incredibly likable personality that has won him many fans. He has the unique ability to make people laugh while teaching them something. He would not be here entertaining his audience if it were not for his win on Food Network Star

Jeff Mauro is a sandwich artist

Mauro is famous for infusing comedy in his cooking. He has been making people laugh since he was young and later developed a passion for cooking. His cooking career started when he helped open a deli with his cousin.  

Eventually, he went to Los Angeles to mix comedy and cooking together. Later, he moved to Chicago and taught others cooking lessons. Mauro also became a successful corporate chef. Of course, his career really took off when he turned into a sandwich artist. 

He started to specialize in making spectacular sandwiches. The sandwiches earned him plenty of praise, and he soon started to appear on Food Network. Mauro has appeared on a few shows, such as Guy’s Grocery Games and Chopped Junior. He even became a guest on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

In 2011, Mauro got to star in his own show, Sandwich King. In the series, he traveled to various sandwich shops across the country. The series was successful and has gotten nominated for an Emmy. Mauro adopted the nickname “sandwich king” and became a co-host on The Kitchen as well. 

Jeff Mauro became the ‘Food Network Star’

Recently, Mauro has been lifting everyone’s spirits for the past several months. Like many celebrities, he has recorded himself at home. From the comfort of his own kitchen, he filmed several episodes of The Kitchen using the ingredients he had available.

Fans enjoyed watching him and his son cook at home. He has worked hard to get where he is, so how did he get there? 

As mentioned before, Mauro excels at putting together sandwiches. He appeared on Food Network Star during the show’s seventh season. He competed against 14 other talented participants. While everyone else tried to impress the judges with fancy dishes, Mauro focused on utilizing his best talents. 

By sticking to what he knew best, he obtained a tasty victory. As a result, he appeared in other shows on Food Network. The competition boosted his career, and it is likely going to continue to grow. Now, he is showing fans delicious recipes while providing them with much-needed laughter. 

Jeff Mauro’s winning sandwich

Those who missed the seventh season of Food Network Star are probably wondering what it was that Mauro made. It may be interesting to hear that the sandwich he had put together was eggplant parmesan. The sandwich is rather easy to make, and some may not think it would be enough to wow the judges. 

The main ingredients were, of course, according to Food Network, an eggplant and grated parmesan. Mauro may have added other ingredients like olive oil and black pepper to add extra flavor. The dish managed to win the necessary vote from one of the judges, Susie Fogelson. It would seem that he truly is the sandwich king. 

Sandwiches are not the only thing Mauro makes. His culinary skills extend to other types of food. He has recipes for dishes, such as meaty burritos that got featured on Food Network. Fans can expect more sandwich and non-sandwich recipes from Mauro in the coming months. 

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