'The Hills': Paris Hilton Says She Repeatedly Turned Down Joining the Cast

The casting for The Hills: New Beginnings made headlines partially because it looks like they failed to get Lauren Conrad back. But it wouldn’t be the first time the MTV show would fail to get a desired star. Paris Hilton claims she repeatedly turned it down and gave the reason for her decision.

Mischa Barton watched ‘The Hills’ original cast film before joining


The original cast had some famous connections. One of them was Mischa Barton, who eventually joined the show for the revival.

“I knew some of [The Hills cast] socially: Brody [Jenner], Whitney [Port], Audrina [Patridge], and Steph [Pratt] a little bit too,” Barton told InStyle. “It was funny to watch some of the group scenes at the club, because some of the nights when [The Hills cast] was out on the town filming, we were filming [The O.C.] and my cast members and I were going out.”

She said she watched them film while they were clubbing. “I remember one run-in at Les Deux. We rolled in and heard they were filming The Hills so we wanted to get snoopy on it and see what they were up to — if they were fighting or having a good time,” she said.

“I remember going up to the producer van and asking to listen in on the conversation,” Barton continued. “It was Brody and Lauren [Conrad] getting into it at a party. I was fascinated by reality TV culture, because it was so far from what we were doing at the time.”

Many years later The O.C. actor joined the cast for the revival. This time Conrad refused to return to star in the show.

Paris Hilton said she turned down the show

Hilton would have probably been a great star for the show, but it never happened. She revealed that she has repeatedly refused joining the cast.

“Yes, I did say no to it a ton of times,” she said on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen. She also answered if she appeared on the original run of the show. “No, but they wanted me both times. I said no,” she answered.

Hilton did previously appear on The Simple Life from 2005 to 2007. However, it looks like she has no interest in doing reality TV again.

“Every single day we get different calls, people pitching shows and I always say no,” she said. “I’m too focused on my business and I don’t have time for that.” It looks like fans won’t see her returning to reality TV any time soon.

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