The Masked Singer star admits they struggled to conceal identity ‘Knew most of them’

The Masked Singer: Traffic Cone is unmasked as Aled Jones

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This weekend, the three remaining celebrities will battle it out as The Masked Singer comes to an end. Mushroom, Robobunny and Panda will perform for the last time before they are all finally exposed. Last weekend, Walking in the Air hitmaker Aled Jones was revealed as Traffic Cone, while Rockhopper was unveiled as Destiny’s Child star Michelle Williams.

However, speaking in a new interview with and other press, the TV presenter admitted he struggled to hide his identity from some of the ITV crew.

The opera singer explained there were only a handful of people who knew who he was, but ITV went to great lengths to keep it under wraps.

He went on to add he didn’t see any of his The Masked Singer co-stars unless they were performing a group number.

“You don’t see anyone, it’s really weird,” Aled began. “Everyone has their separate dressing room and everyone has their separate dressing area as well.”

He continued: “So, literally the only time I ever saw any of the other acts was when we did the group song.

“You can’t really see that much either which was a Godsend really because I knew quite a lot of the crew that were working on it [the show].

“So I had to always be quiet and not give the game away.”

The 51-year-old, who performed each week dressed as a Traffic Cone, recalled the difficulty walking in his costume.

“My shoes were Crocs padded out into those huge shoes,” Aled added. “I love those big shoes. They’re hilarious.

“And yet the tricky thing about the costume was because it went out, you couldn’t really see your feet.

“It was very difficult to know where you’re walking.”

Throughout the ITV series, fans have shared their theories as to who could be behind the masks.

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The bookmakers have also been sharing their thoughts, and despite being on the show, Aled has no idea who anyone else is.

“I’ve seen what people have said and I know they think Mushroom might be Charlotte Church.

“Although, that would be really weird because I haven’t seen Charlotte since she was a kid and to think that we would have been in the same building.

“And I’ve seen what people have guessed about the other two, that there might be a guy from Westlife and who Panda might be, I’ve heard loads of different names.”

“So, I have no idea it was such a surprise for me,” the singer admitted.

“Heather Small and Will Young [being unveiled] and all these people I have interviewed over the years, it’s just weird.”

On Saturday, Mushroom, Robobunny and Panda will perform for the last time.

After weeks of guessing, the three celebrities will be exposed, but only one will be crowned the winner.

The Masked Singer final airs on Saturday at 7pm on ITV.

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