The Suspect viewers ‘work out’ real killer after spotting clue

The Suspect: Aidan Turner stars in trailer for ITV drama

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The Suspect viewers have been kept on the edge of their seats as the investigation into Catherine McCain’s (played by Tara Lee) death continues to point toward Dr Joseph O’Loughlin (Aidan Turner). Joe is convinced that his patient Bobby Moran (Bobby Scofield) has something to do with the death of Catherine, but doesn’t have the evidence to prove it. However, ITV viewers have claimed to have worked out the real killer after spotting similarities between Joe and another character’s initials.

In episode two it was revealed that Joe had cheated on his wife Julieanne (Camilla Beeput) with an old patient of his, Cara (Bronagh Waugh) when he received his Parkinson’s diagnosis and the night of Catherine’s murder.

Joe crashed at his friend Dr Gerald “Jack” Owens’ (Adam James) place and aired his concerns about Bobby even further.

Needing to get answers about Catherine and her connection to Bobby, Joe decided to head to Liverpool to dig around her past.

Joe told Jack that he was back in their “old stomping ground” and if the police were to ask where he was, to tell them he didn’t know.

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He decided to return to his old practice where he met up with his old colleague Melinda (Angela Griffin) as she was the one who first dealt with Bobby when he was younger

She explained that he had been sexually abused by his father when he was little, which seemed odd to Joe, especially after the way he spoke about him in their meetings.

Melinda went on to show Joe a series of tapes which were made when interviewing Joe 13 years prior and left Joe gobsmacked when he realised he had spoken to Bobby before.

Joe had begun to work out that Jack was somehow involved with Bobby and Catherine, and soon ended up going to her childhood home to find the journal she always used to write in.

It was soon revealed that Catherine had been seeing Jack, leading Joe to suspect that is why Catherine decided to apply for the position of his assistant.

Wanting answers from his “friend”, Joe stormed into Jack’s apartment but was left stunned when he found pictures of his wife hidden in a brown envelope in a draw.

Whilst on his trip to Liverpool, Joe was blissfully unaware that the police were following and had gotten their hands on Catherine’s journal.

Calling Joe to reveal what they knew, they explained that Jack had been the one to tell them about his “relationship” with Catherine, despite holding out on the information.

DI Ruiz dropped yet another bombshell on Joe when he revealed that Jack didn’t meet Catherine on the night of her murder as he was actually with his wife, Julianne.

Viewers were stunned throughout the episode as more secrets unfolded but were certain that Jack was Catherine’s murderer as he shares the same initials as Joe.

Sharon Forbes exclaimed: “Dr Gerald ‘Joe’ Owens, is the J.O. who Catherine had a meeting with on the night she was murdered, not Dr Joe O’Loughlin! He is the killer! #TheSuspect”

Trevor Campbell theorised: “I think the murderer on @itv #TheSuspect is Dr Gerard Jack Owens twitterbuds. What do you think?

@amy_tru commented: “I feel like that Dr Jack is hiding something tbh #TheSuspect”

@jules0455 claimed: “Jack’s the killer #thesuspect.”

Sarina Kiayani simply stated: “Dr Jack is behind it #thesuspect.”

@MissFee85 expressed: “I’ve said it from the start, it’s Jack and Bobby! Not Joe! #TheSuspect.” (sic)

The Suspect airs Monday from 9pm on ITV.

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