The Talk's Amanda Kloots admits to 'sobbing over keyboard' as she wrote about late husband Nick Cordero in new memoir

The Talk's Amanda Kloots admitted to "sobbing over keyboard'" while detailing her life with late husband Nick Cordero in a new memoir.

The TV personality and dancer, 38, has penned the book, called Live Your Life, with help from her sister Anna in the five months since Nick died.

The 41-year-old Broadway star died of coronavirus the day after Independence Day after more than three months in critical condition in the hospital.

During his illness his right leg was amputated due to complications.

Amanda, who married Nick in 2017 after they met working on Bullets Over Broadway, gave regular emotional updates on social media about her husband's condition.

The Talk cohost, who shares 18-month-old son Elvis with Nick, has been spending the latter half of the year writing down her thoughts for a book.

Her sister Anna has been helping her with the poignant project.

Besides moments of reflection where they have cried, Amanda admitted they also found times where they laughed because "we realized through this trauma we had moments of silliness and happiness that we will never forget."

Amanda posted a photo of the pair on Instagram, and wrote: "Last night Anna and I finished the epilogue to my memoir, Live Your Life, that we have been co-writing together since July.

"Anna told me yesterday how insane it is to write a book in five months, especially a first book, but we did it."

Amanda continued: "As we would write often times we were in tears, sobbing over the keyboard. We kept saying how we can’t believe this happened and why did it all happen?

"We would also laugh, real hard deep belly laughs, because we realized through this trauma we had moments of silliness and happiness that we will never forget.

"…Thank you to my sister @annakloots for writing my memoir with me, for standing by my side since April, for always happening to be around in the biggest times of my life. "

She added: "You are the ultimate sister and best friend I could ever ask for. You are SO talented and I cannot wait to see you continue to soar and live your life."

During Thursday's edition of Good Morning America, Amanda was presented with a Thrivership Award as a "survivor and inspiration."

On the show she told how she starts every morning with positivity and giving thanks for all those in her life.

She broke down when talking about what happened to Nick and said she never imagined she would be raising their son alone.

Wiping away tears she said: "I never thought I'd be a single parent so it's just hard knowing you're on the trajectory and I know Nick and Elvis would have been the cutest pair."

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