The Voice UK viewers ‘in tears’ as Sir Tom Jones delivers emotional performance

The Voice UK viewers were left ‘in tears’ after watching Sir Tom Jones deliver an emotional rendition of one of his songs, With These Hands.

During the latest episode of the singing competition, fellow coach Olly Murs urged Sir Tom to sing the song, which he released when he was in his mid-twenties.

Olly said that he ‘loves’ a story Sir Tom previously told about Elvis Presley, when the Welshman came across the King of Rock and Roll singing that very song when they first met in 1965.

Sir Tom didn’t need that much coaxing before he happily obliged, giving a powerful performance of the song, which was first released by Eddie Fisher in 1953.

A multitude of The Voice UK fans praised him on his ‘amazing’ vocals, with one person saying they were left ‘absolutely bawling’.

‘Tom Jones has got better and better as time has gone on, his voice is just as huge as it ever was but the emotion he puts into a song just breaks me into bits,’ one person said.

‘Anyone else cry at Tom Jones’s amazing voice?’ another person said.

Someone else tweeted that they could ‘barely type through the tears’ after watching him perform the song.

‘Got tears in my eyes listening to Tom Jones sing on the voice. What a talent,’ one Twitter user said.

‘Actual tears streaming down my face right now. How I love Sir Tom Jones!’ another commented.

‘Always loved that With These Hands, so special to hear him sing it again. Thank you.’

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