'The White Lotus' Cast: Lukas Gage and Sydney Sweeney Share the Best Behind-the-Scenes Photos

The ensemble cast of HBO’s The White Lotus blew viewers away with their delivery of Mike White’s dark comedic satire. Lukas Gage portrays a resort staffer, Dillon, who engages in the shocking rimming scene that Twitter won’t stop talking about. Meanwhile, Sydney Sweeney plays a performative rich white girl who pretends to care about her best friend. The dark, twisty drama unfolds in six gripping episodes on HBO and HBO Max.

‘The White Lotus’ behind-the-scenes cast photos from Sydney Sweeney

Similar to HBO’s Mare of EasttownThe White Lotus cast flew to the setting of the series. Director Mike White took the cast and crew to the Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea for eight weeks. From October to December 2020, Gage, Sweeney, and the rest of The White Lotus cast had the chance to live in a COVID-19 bubble in a tropical paradise. 

The behind-the-scenes photos that Sweeney shared to Instagram detail some sightseeing that the actors did while in Hawaii.


In addition to the beautiful sandy beaches and crashing waves that viewers see in The White Lotus, Sweeney traveled the island to find gorgeous waterfalls. She’s pictured with Gage in front of a waterfall and Alexandra Daddario in a Hawaiian jungle.

‘The White Lotus’ photos from Lukas Gage 

The behind-the-scenes photos from Gage are similar to Sweeney’s and include more of The White Lotus cast. In one photo, it looks like Gage had a beautiful evening with Jennifer Coolidge and Brittany O’Grady. However, the best photo might be the selfie Gage took with so many of his fellow cast members — Connie Britton, Molly Shannon, Sweeney, and Fred Hechinger — on the beach.


Where do viewers know Lukas Gage and Sydney Sweeney from?

Before joining the cast of The White Lotus, Gage had a viral Twitter moment. As the actor logged into a Zoom meeting audition with director Tristram Shapeero, the older man didn’t realize he did not mute himself.

“These poor people live in these tiny apartments,” the British director said. 

Gage shared the video on Twitter, and it immediately went viral. Later, the director apologized. However, according to EOnline, Gage responded to a comment from Molly Shannon that he’s happy he didn’t get the part, or he wouldn’t have landed The White Lotus. Gage worked with director White before when he appeared in one episode of Enlightened. He also played a recurring role in Euphoria with Sweeney.

Most viewers recognized Sweeney as Cassie Howard in Euphoria or her recurring role in The Handmaid’s Tale as Eden. However, she had roles in various TV shows and films before joining the cast of The White Lotus.

The White Lotus airs Sundays at 9:00 p.m. ET on HBO and is available on HBO Max.

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