This Is Us season 6 delay: When will This Is Us season 6 episode 6 air?

This is Us: NBC releases emotional The Final Chapter teaser

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This Is Us airs on NBC in the US and fans in the UK can tune in via Disney Plus and Amazon Prime Video. The fifth episode featured an explosive dinnertime conversation and Malik (played by Asante Blackk) and Deja (Lyric Ross) dropped a huge bombshell. has all you need to know about when the drama will continue.

When will This Is Us season 6 episode 6 air?

The fifth instalment, titled Heart and Soul, aired on February 1 and the series has not returned since.

Sadly there is still a couple of weeks to go, as episode six will not air until February 22.

This is due to the Winter Olympics taking precedent, and the sporting event comes to an end on February 20.

When the series resumes it will continue to air on Tuesdays, and there are 18 episodes in total.

This may not be the season’s only hiatus so it is difficult to say when the finale will air.

Season six has been confirmed as the final season, so the characters’ arcs will come to a definitive end.

Episode six is titled Our Little Island Girl: Part Two and it will include the aftermath of the major announcement.

How this impacts Randall (Sterling K. Brown) and Beth (Susan Kelechi Watson) is yet to be confirmed.

Executive producer Julia Brownell teased how Beth and Randall will empathise with Deja and Malik’s situation.

She told Deadline: “Randall and Beth are able to weather this one as a united front, even if Beth doesn’t necessarily completely agree with Randall’s take.

“That’s what you’re supposed to do in a marriage.”

The pair will eventually take Randall’s side, which could cause a rift with Deja.

Fans are still waiting to find out whether Deja and Malik continue to stay together.

There could be a breakup during the season six finale, rounding off the series in a jaw-dropping way.

A promo for the next episode has been released and it shows the characters making thanksgiving plans.

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Kevin Pearson (Justin Hartley) has his own ideas but he feels let down.

Madison (Caitlin Thompson) says she wants to spend Thanksgiving at home with the twins.

Elsewhere, Beth is seen entering a dance studio and she has a huge challenge on her shoulders.

She is heard saying: “The fate of the whole program rests on me choosing the right dancers.”

Randall supports his wife but it may not be enough to keep her confidence intact.

The upcoming episode will air at its usual time of 9pm Eastern Time.

Fans have taken to Twitter to share their thoughts on the extended break.

TV Lady said: “After the Olympics?? But it just came back from its After the Holidays break! #ThisIsUs.”

K. Nicoe shared: “So glad #ThisIsUs didn’t have me fighting back tears this week. I wasn’t in the mood.”

This Is Us returns to NBC as well as Disney+ and Amazon Prime Video on February 22.

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