This Morning descends into chaos forcing Dr Scott to apologise for laughing fit

This Morning vet Dr Scott Miller has apologised for his laughing fit live on air during Friday's show.

He spoke to callers about problems with their pets during the Ask Our Vet phone-in segment but then couldn't stop laughing after one caller, Debbie, asked for help with her hamster who was gnawing at its cage.

Dr. Miller broke down immediately, saying: "I don't know why I find that so funny. I'm sorry."

Host Alison Hammond, who was confused by Dr. Miller's "incessant" laughter, asked: "What's he laughing at?" He was unable to answer her question as he couldn't stop laughing.

"Dr. Scott, I know you're finding this a little bit hilarious but can you help this hamster?" Alison asked again, trying to get the show back on track.

While laughing, Dr. Miller replied: "I'm so sorry, I really like hamsters. Sorry, very unprofessional."

Alison said: "Pull yourself together," but Dr. Miller couldn't hold in his laughter as he tried to advise Debbie on how to help his hamster.

Dr. Miller's laughter infected co-host Rochelle Humes as well, who began laughing with him.

He eventually advised Debbie that her hamster might be bored and that she should try to play with it as much as possible.

Both Alison and Humes were puzzled, with Rochelle saying: "I've never seen you lose it like that!"

After composing himself, Dr. Miller apologised to the audience: "Apologies everyone for my incessant laughing about hamsters."

Despite apologising, it seems that some viewers found the whole incident hilarious. One commented, "Hamster has broken doctor Scott."

Another said, "Think we all know what the vet's laughing at when it comes to hamsters."

A third wrote: "I'm hysterically laughing at them laughing."

However, others felt that it was "unprofessional" of him to act that way live on air towards a viewer.

Another person said it was "ridiculous" and hoped that "he doesn't do this to his clients in his vets practice".

Though he apologised immediately after the incident, some fans thought that Dr. Miller should call Debbie personally to apologise for his reaction to her query about a beloved pet.

This Morning airs weekdays at 10am on ITV

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