This Morning erupts in furious row as India Willoughby & Coronation Street's Nicola Thorp clash over US Capitol violence

THIS Morning erupted into a furious row today as guests India Willoughby and Coronation Street's Nicola Thorp clashed over the US Capitol siege.

Hundreds of Donald Trump supporters stormed the Capitol building after he claimed the "election was stolen from us".

As the sickening scenes unfolded, President-elect Joe Biden said America's democracy was "under unprecedented assault".

Discussing the dramatic events, actress Nicola argued protesters would have been shot down before reaching the Capitol – if they had been black.

"What a lot of people were watching was the epitome of white privilege," said Nicola.

"Thousands of white – not protesters – they were terrorists, they were rioters, were being able to sit at the speaker of the senate and not be arrested, not be shot at or have tear gas thrown on them.

"This was white privilege through and through. If this had been a Black Lives Matter protest the National Guard would have been there from the start."

Horrified Holly Willoughby agreed, adding: "We've got a clip here of police opening the gate and letting protesters in. Can you imagine that? In some of the scenes we've seen unfolding from America on different topics that would not have been the case."

But when Celebrity Big Brother star India was asked her opinion, viewers were furious when she claimed the police reaction "was the same" as it was during the Black Lives Matter protests.

India said: "What you're seeing there is Twitter brought to life. The physical manifestation of all those horrible, toxic, vile comments we see on social media, embodied in a physical form.

"But I would actually disagree. The media and the police did treat what happened yesterday and Black Lives Matter differently.

"There's a different tone. There wasn't this outrage when shops were being looted and broken into and damaged caused, and violence during BLM.

"I'm not defending Donald Trump, I think he's an awful person and has certainly done terrible things to my community with the laws he's brought in, but white supremacists? We're getting into this race thing again.

"I categorically condemn it.

"But [the reaction] I think it's been basically the same, I haven't seen any difference between how the police have reacted."

Angry Nicola hit back, yelling: "Are you kidding me? Black people have been killed in the streets. Black people have been shot at and died in the streets before they've even got to Capitol Hill.

"There was a woman in 2013 a black woman with her daughter in the back seat who took a wrong turn onto Capitol Hill and she was shot six times in the head. There is a difference."

One viewer said: "Specsavers for India please, the same? Is she having a laugh?!"

Another added: "WOW India really just said on #ThisMorning that there is no difference in the police/military reaction to current events vs BLM movement – sis do you not remember how many black lives were lost due to police brutality yet here they are just letting white people do what they want."

Someone else said: "India Willoughby saying she “doesn’t see a difference” how the terrorists last night and BLM protestors were treated?!?!

"Imagine being that deliberately obtuse. That’s not opinion, that is fact, that is racism, that is abhorrent."

Agreeing, Holly ended the debate by saying: "Obviously there's a complete difference between how people have been treated there."

Trump has finally promised an "orderly transition" of power after Joe Biden was officially declared the president-elect.

At least four people died and several others were seriously injured in clashes after rioters fought cops and pushed their way inside the Capitol.

After lawmaker's were allowed back into the building, a joint session of Congress reconvened and an electoral college count of 306 for Biden and 232 for Trump was certified.

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