Titanic’s secrets: From Kate Winslet’s boob flashing to weeing in the water

Titanic's legacy will go on and on (sorry), but it takes a lot of dedication to make something of its epic proportions.

Over the years both the cast and crew have shared some of the biggest secrets that went into creating the classic movie.

From Kate Winslet flashing her boobs at Leonardo Dicaprio to everyone weeing in the freezing cold water, some of the behind-the-scenes tricks will surprise even the most obsessive viewer.

Here we look at all of the weird and wonderful things that went into making the Titanic sink, and why the 1997 flick has stood the test of time.

Kate Winslet the flasher

Kate and Leo are now the best of friends, but there was once a time when Jack and Rose didn't know each other very well.

Most of us would cringe at the idea of being painted naked by a stranger, but Kate had a plan up her sleeve.

On their very first meeting she's said to have flashed her bare boobs at Leo to get rid of any awkwardness.

Well, who could blame her?

Water way to go

The cast and crew had be in the water for long shoots to capture the tragic final scenes of the film.

But strict director James Cameron wouldn't let neither the big names or the extras out of the pool at any point.

When they had a call of nature, most of them decided to just wee in the water – which they'd all spend hours in together.

To look frozen to death the extras were coated in a special powder that formed crystals when it got wet, while their wet hair look was created with wax.

The water was said to be so cold that Kate got pneumonia during filming.

"You’d have to pay me an awful lot of money to work with James Cameron again," she allegedly said after filming wrapped.

The perfect choice

Kate was a relatively unknown actress when she landed the role of Rose, even though several big names were in the running.

But she was desperate to play the lead, and constantly wrote and called Cameron so he'd pick her.

She even said to him: "You don’t understand! I am Rose! I don’t know why you’re even seeing anyone else!"

Her persistence paid off and she beat established actresses like Gwyneth Paltrow, Nicole Kidman and Jennifer Aniston to the part.

My Heart almost didn't Go On

The song's infamous theme song almost didn't make it into the movie as Cameron didn't want a pop song on the soundtrack.

Celine Dion almost didn't take it, but was convinced into doing it by her late husband René Angelil, who was a friend of the composer, James Horner.

Cameron ultimately decided they needed a theme song to help promote the film.

Spit it out

A scene that delights and disgusts audiences in equal measure is when Jack teaches Rose to spit.

The moment wasn't scripted as Cameron had only told Leo and Kate where he wanted them to be, not what he wanted them to say.

The end result shows the chemistry between the two actors, who went on to become lifelong friends.

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