Top Boy music: What is the Top Boy soundtrack? ‘It’s a way to be part of that world’

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Top Boy premiered on Netflix last summer after six years off being off-screen. Canadian rapper Drake is a huge fan of the series and secured a deal with Netflix to bring the show back to life, with the original cast and creative team. The original two seasons of Top Boy are also on Netflix, known as Top Boy: Summerhouse. has everything you need to know about the Top Boy soundtrack.

What is on the Top Boy soundtrack? Full List

Top Boy saw the return of Dushane (played by Ashely Walters) from Jamaica to run a drug business in East London.

He partnered with his old friend Sully (Kane Robinson), who had been trying to turn his life around after a stint in prison.

However, in their absence, a new gang from London Fields, headed by Jamie (Micheal Ward) had taken control of the drug trade in East London, which lead to troublesome gang rivalry.

Along the way, the series dealt with real issues including drug abuse, prison, racism, poverty, knife crime and immigration.

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The series received praise from critics and fans of the original series across the world, as did the show’s soundtrack.

The soundtrack show features a host of UK rap talent alongside music composed by Brian Eno.

Speaking to press, including, Walters who plays Dushane explained the importance of the show’s soundtrack and what it means.

Walters said: “We gave a face to this world over here because I’ve said before that period of time, you know, drug dealers in the UK, in Hackney, were looked at as just boys with hoodies that were running around on peddle bikes, selling drugs and they didn’t have any understanding of money, business or whatever.

“What Top Boy did was give hierarchy. What Top Boy did was create.

“It made these guys look more like The Sopranos, rather than just, random kids on the street just doing this crazy stuff. So it gave them structure.

“And I feel like that opened a lot of people’s eyes to that world that exists, just around the corner from a lot of people.”

He continued “And then you’ve got the factor of music. You know, when you listen to gangster rap, a lot of people that buy onto that music, they love it so much because they don’t live there and it’s a way for them to be a part of that world or to experience it or feel it, see it, without having to take the consequences that come with that sort of lifestyle.

“And I think that Top Boy has done that really well.

He added: “As a result, you can see that everyone watches the show.

“I walk down the and you know a 70-year-old, middle-class white man will be like, ‘Your show is amazing. Top Boy is amazing’, as well as a 15-year-old black kid from the block.

“I mean, it’s just really resonated with everyone, I hope. I don’t think I really explained it. I don’t know if I really can.”

Here is a breakdown of the entire To Boy soundtrack which you can listen too on Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube and Deezer now.

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  • Shy FX – Bad After We (feat. Kojey Radical & Ghetts)
  • AJ Tracey – Quarterback
  • Nines – Oh My
  • Popcaan – Superstar
  • Chronixx – Skankin’ Sweet
  • Mura Masa – Love$ick (feat. A$AP Rocky)
  • Lloyd Luther – Drugs on Tap
  • Bugzy Malone – Die By The Gun
  • Wreckless Eric – Take the Cash (K.A.S.H)

  • Kojey Radical – If Only
  • Octavian – 100 Degrees
  • SL – Tropical
  • Azizi Gibson – High
  • Barry Biggs – Work All Day
  • Meyers – Common Kid
  • Baka Not Nice – My Town
  • Camille Yarborough – Ain’t it a Lonely Feeling
  • CASisDEAD – Pat Earrings
  • Jaykae – Headache
  • Avelino – Belly of the Beast
  • Roots Manuva – Fighting For?
  • Them Two – Am I a Good Man?

You can also purchase an entire Top Boy album with music inspired by the show.

Some of the artists on the album include the show’s stars, Little Simz and Dave alongside music from Top Boy executive producer, Drake.

Top Boy is streaming on Netflix now

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