Tyrone cheats on Fiz again as she makes upsetting realisation in Corrie?

Fiz Stape (Jennie McAlpine) grows paranoid next week in Coronation Street as Tyrone Dobbs (Alan Halsall) reveals he’s joined an exercise class and we all know what happened the last time…he had an affair.

The affair in question was with Alina Pop, who eventually started a relationship with Tyrone after he admitted to Fiz that he had fallen out of love with her.

As Fiz drowned her sorrows in wine and watched many, many romantic films, Tyrone was convinced he had started a happier life with his younger girlfriend.

However, over time, it soon became apparent that of course Tyrone still loved Fiz! This is the modern day Jack and Vera!

As Alina headed out of Weatherfield, Tyrone was left on his own as by this point, Fiz had began a relationship with Phill (Jamie Kenna) #JusticeForPhill.

It took her wedding day for Fiz to realise that actually, she doesn’t love Phill anymore – she wants to be with Tyrone.

With that, she returned to the cobbles and arrived at Ty’s doorstep, reunited.

As the couple continue to get back on their feet, Fiz is bemused to discover Tyrone has joined a taekwondo class.

When Fiz chats to Sean (Antony Cotton) about Ty’s new adventure, he reminds her that last time he joined a yoga class…and then ended up with Alina.

Fiz is left worried…but should she be?

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