Vigil star Suranne Jones details why she’d turn down Line of Duty role: ‘So hard!’

Vigil: Amy Silva finds chef Jackie dead on the floor

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Episode four of Vigil aired last weekend, as the six-part BBC drama continued to investigate the foul play happening onboard HMS Vigil. Detective Chief Inspector Amy Silva (played by Suranne Jones) was ordered to go onboard to investigate the death of Craig Burke (Martin Compston). As soon as Amy began to investigate the engineer’s death, she knew he was murdered by one of his colleagues on board Vigil. 

Martin’s character’s death caused an uproar with viewers during the first episode, although speaking to and other press, Suranne admitted she wouldn’t want to join the actor in the cop drama Line of Duty.

The actress explained the struggles of playing a police officer and said she “wouldn’t rush” to do it again.

She began: “You watch something like Line of Duty (and the police officers) reel off all of the procedural stuff.

“And it’s like, ‘I want to give you a medal’, as it’s so hard to do and she (Vicky McClure) does it brilliantly, as do all of the guys in Line of Duty.”

She continued: “I wouldn’t rush to play another police officer because of those scenes, but this one (Vigil) is different.”

Craig was murdered in the first episode of Vigil, and ever since, viewers have been left on the edge of their seats as they try to guess who the culprit is.

Amy’s colleagues on land have also been trying to piece together the evidence, and soon after Craig’s death, his girlfriend was also murdered in suspicious circumstances.

Luckily for Suranne, she didn’t have to do much research into her role, although she did speak with a real-life detective to help her.

However, the former soap star admitted the police officer did find a few flaws within the plot.

The real-life police detective questioned whether the 43-year-old’s character would have investigated the mysterious death on her own.

Speaking about her meeting with the officer, Suranne began: “The first thing she said was, ‘Would that happen?’”

“The first thing is, it’s drama and she said, ‘We’d have a team’, and I said, ‘I know that is the point, she wouldn’t have a team.’”                                                                                                

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She added: “And she went, ‘Oh God, she’d have to do everything herself.’

“So that’s another thing I’d have to do all the forensics with just this camera bag that I was given.”   

Despite fans loving the new series, some viewers have also picked up a number of plot holes within the programme.

During one scene, the submarine had to come to the surface as the vessel had come off its batteries and was using diesel to power the ship.

As one of the members were looking through the periscope, a Tanker was speeding towards the submarine.

Having to dive quickly, the crew had to standby for a collision and braced themselves for any kind of impact with the ship trailing towards them.

The sonar alerted the crew as the ship got closer, with the captain becoming more concerned with if they were going to make it.

However, many viewers were left frustrated as they questioned why the submarine didn’t have a radar to see the oncoming ship.

Vigil continues Sundays at 9pm on BBC One.

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