Virgin River season 3 theories: Did Charmaine shoot Jack?

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Virgin River recently returned to Netflix with a dramatic second season full of romantic tension and family feuds. However, it was the ending which captured the attention of viewers as beloved character Jack Sheridan (played by Martin Henderson) was shot and left for dead in his bar. A new theory suggests his ex-girlfriend Charmaine Roberts (Lauren Hammersley) might be the culprit – here’s why.

Did Charmaine shoot Jack in Virgin River?

WARNING: This article contains huge spoilers for Virgin River season 2.

The finale of Virgin River ended with a huge cliffhanger about Jack’s future.

Viewers will remember how the bar owner and Mel Monroe (Alexandra Breckenridge) finally admitted their love for one another.

After reconciling, the pair decided to head to Jack’s bar to have some dinner.

However, Jack went ahead first and a mysterious shooter entered the bar and shot him in his abdomen.

In the final few moments, viewers see Mel entering the bar and attempting to save his life.

Nothing has been revealed yet about who actually shot him in the shocking twist.

However, fans have already begun speculating about who they think it could be.

One theory revolved around Charmaine being the one to pull the trigger on the show.

As viewers will know, she is Jack’s ex-girlfriend who is currently pregnant with his twin babies.

Things ended on a very tense note for the pair as Jack admitted he was still in love with Mel and Charmaine threatened to stop him from being able to see his children.

This has left some viewers wondering if she might be keen to enact some kind of revenge on the bar owner.

Posting on Reddit, user Lethal_Bizzle94 said their hope for season three was: “For Charmaine to be the one who shot Jack so she is out of the picture.”


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Many others agreed with this as a possibility, with some pointing out her character does seem unstable.

User Curiousml wrote: “Omg wait that makes so much sense. She’s a psychopath and I wouldn’t put it past her.”

While fan BrightBlueKicks added: “Oh, damn. That would be intense.

“Hope they make maternity clothes in bright orange because she would need them lol.”

However, not everyone is completely convinced by the idea with some viewers suggesting she doesn’t have it in her to do this.

FayeChan350259 speculated: “Not sure if Charmaine has what it takes to wield a gun and shoot Jack. I reckon the shooter is one of Calvin’s men.”

The series creators are keeping quiet about what will happen next but showrunner Sue Tenney did tease it will be resolved eventually.

Speaking to TV Line, she said in season three they would “go through trying to figure out who shot Jack,” but also admitted this might play out “over several seasons.”

Virgin River season 2 is available to stream on Netflix now.

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