Want the Ultimate Streaming Package? It'll Cost You

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“A bundle of services that’s easy to use will be a driver of how many providers viewers are willing to sign up for,” Hub Research Group Principal Analyst Jon Giegengack says

The good news for TV and movie junkies: There are new, major streaming services popping up. The bad news? It’s getting more expensive to keep up.

That much is clear, after Apple unveiled the $4.99 price tag for its upcoming streaming service, Apple TV+, last week. The service will debut on Nov. 1, less than two weeks before Disney’s much-hyped offering, the $6.99 per month Disney+, is set to launch.

The halcyon days where streaming is a much cheaper alternative to cable and satellite are coming to an end. Now, to put together a couch potato’s ultimate streaming package, the difference in monthly spending is negligible.

TheWrap breaks it down by looking at the cost for 10 prominent streaming services:

If you went with the cheapest plans for the following services — Netflix, HBO, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, Apple TV+, CBS All Access, Showtime, Starz and Nicksplat — for some extra kids programming — that’s nearly $83 per month.

It gets even pricier if you don’t want to deal with advertisements. Opt for the ad-free plans from services like Hulu and CBS All Access, and upgrade to Netflix’s $15.99 monthly Premium plan instead of its Basic…

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