Watch Ellen Dress Up as, Twerk With Cardi B for Halloween

Ellen DeGeneres dressed up as Cardi B for Halloween, rechristening herself “Cardi E,” and then got a surprise dance lesson from the rapper on Ellen Thursday.

The bit opened with DeGeneres emerging in an absolutely bonkers outfit featuring some comically augmented breasts that prompted several goofy one-liners like “I’m Cardi E, E is for Ellen — it’s also my bra size,” and “It took a lot to get me dressed like this: There’s wardrobe, there’s hair, makeup, and a special thanks to the people at Goodyear for inflating me.”

DeGeneres noted that the costume was specifically based on Cardi B’s character in the movie Hustlers, where she plays a stripper, having actually worked as a dancer before breaking through as a rapper (“Before I became a comedian I was also a stripper,” DeGeneres cracked, “I was stripping paint from houses, but still”). Soon after, Cardi B emerged to complement DeGeneres’ bold new look and school her on a few dancing tricks, like how to hitch her hips up to just the right height.

“Yeah I’ll give you a couple of bucks right there,” Cardi cracked, “I’ll buy a lap dance from you!”

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