Wedding drama confirmed in Coronation Street for Fiz, Phill and Tyrone

Tyrone Dobbs (Alan Halsall) continues to believe Fiz Stape (Jennie McAlpine) may get back with him in Coronation Street, but will he finally get the message that she’s moved on if she says yes to Phill Whittaker’s (Jamie McKenna) proposal?

We start the week with Ty still suspicious of Phill and what he is up to.

Meanwhile, when Hope (Isabella Flanagan) borrows Phill’s laptop, she is the one who uncovers the truth and decides to take revenge.

Hopping into a mini digger on the driveway, Hope pulls the lever and manages to smash the window screen on Phill’s car.

Phill is horrified, but what has Hope discovered?

The next day, it appears the information on Phill is pretty big as Tyrone arrives to collect Fiz’s things, convinced they’ll soon be reunited.

As Phill scours the wet concrete, he reveals that he’s lost an engagement ring.

When Ty finds it, Phill grabs the ring and asks Fiz to marry him.

As Tyrone waits in the wings, will Fiz give Phill another chance?

Or is it all over?

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