‘We’ll lose our countryside’ Fury on GB News as Eamonn Holmes defends British farmers

GB News: Eamonn says no one cares about farming anymore

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Eamonn Holmes and Isabel Webster took time out of Wednesday’s Breakfast on GB News to hear from reporter Dougie Beattie who’d been speaking to pig farmers about the chaos. And after hearing one farmer’s desperation when it comes to maintaining the future of pig farming, Eamonn launched into a blistering attack on the government and members of the public as he showed his support for the industry.

“We’re talking about piggies, you know, this little piggy went to the market and all that,” Eamonn began. “Because it’s quite a serious situation. 

“Pork prices are on the way down, added to that feed costs are on the way up. 

“So it is a big, big crisis for pig farmers all around the country.”

He then cut to the report from Dougie who heard from pig farmers struggling to make ends meet amid the ongoing pricing disparity.

One farmer said it’s been the “perfect storm” in terms of declining pork prices and rising feed costs, as well as a “shortage of labour” also contributing to the mayhem.

He also added that overweight pigs can lead to fines and prolonged wait times to have animals processed.

“There you go,” Eamonn said as the report came to a close. “We are GB News, the farmers’ friend.”

Launching into a passionate rant, he continued: “We want to highlight the issues that farmers are going and you know why? Because no one else cares. 

“The government don’t care, Parties don’t care, we don’t care…

“Because we’ve broken the connection – meaning we, the public – between food in the supermarket which comes out of a packet and where it comes from. 

“And it’s hard to rear that food, rear those pigs and go through what those farmers are going through having half a price of a pig cut because it’s gone overweight.”

Isabel echoed her co-star’s sentiment as she warned viewers what may happen if farmers aren’t backed and helped.

She weighed in: “And we’ve also broken the connection between the countryside and farmers. 

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“What we don’t realise if we don’t support our farmers, if we don’t support our farmers is we’ll lose our countryside. 

“It will just be built on, it will be houses, it will be roads. 

“You know, the beautiful green pleasant land that we all love and enjoy is pretty much there because it’s maintained by farmers in large parts.”

Eamonn replied by mocking the lack of support and encouragement given to budding farmers in the UK.

“‘Oh dear, why are we so dependent on Ukraine? Gosh’… it’s because no one encourages us to grow wheat or corn here or whatever,” he slammed.

The pair moved on but not before Isabel could end on a lighter note.

She told Eamonn: “Also, something about pigs, I really like them. 

“It’s the way their ears flap when they walk. It’s quite sweet and endearing.”

Breakfast with Eamonn and Isabel airs Monday-Thursday on GB News.

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